After a meal thats strange, offbeat or just downright weird? Then look no further than these.


Sushi Burrito (aka the sushirito) at Sushirito + Juicery

First sushi donuts, now this! Originally from America, this latest food trend has just rolled into Chippendales Kensington Street. From classic Californian to tasty Tasmanian salmon there is a burrito-sized sushi roll for every sushi slayer. Each sushirito costs around $13.50 and is the equivalent of eating around 3-5 sushi rolls in regards to size and weight.

24 Kensington Street, Chippendale Sydney NSW 2008


Fried Crickets at El Topo

Fried crickets or chaplines as they appear on the menu, are crunchy, roasted crickets imported from Mexico, flavoured with chilli garlic and lime. Served as a bar snack, these babies will cost you around $6. Beware if you are feeling squeamish, a bowl of them contains about 50. After the first crunch and explosion of chilli, whats left in your mouth tastes a bit like dust but dont let that put you off. Theres thankfully a lot more to El Topo than crickets. Plus, theres always tequila to wash down any unwanted aftertaste.

3/500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction Sydney NSW 2022 |(02) 8383 5959


Ramen burger at One Tea Lounge and Grill

David Yip is the man behind the controversial creation. Depending on how you look at it; this will be the best meal you ever ate or an absolute abomination. Bread buns are replaced with clumps of ramen noodles which wrap around a succulent patty, rocket, spring onion and a gooey sweet soy-based sauce. The noodles have been marinated, boiled and dried to make them crisp (think: the delicious crunchy noodles at the bottom of the pan). This serves as a nice contrast to the delicious insides. After five years of being a Night Noodle Market favourite, you can catch the Ramen burger for $13.80 in its permanent home. Masterpiece or monstrosity? You tell us.

Upper Ground Floor, 73 York St, Sydney NSW 2000|(02) 9279 3311


Coffee in a cone at Bacino

Coffee in a cone is officially a thing and we know where you can find them in Sydney. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa this drink is the prettiest way to hit the daily grind. Its basically a shot of espresso inside a heavily lined chocolate waffle cone. Youll need to drink quickly though, after 10 minutes the coffee eventually melts through the chocolate creating a hot mess. Bacino espresso bar uses its own blend from Little Italy Coffee Roasters and you can grab one for just $5.50. It is no wonder it is the most instagrammed coffee in the world.

397 Sydney Rd, Balgowlah Sydney NSW 2093 |0421 988 854

Lambs testicles at Efendy

A favourite on this Turkish restaurants menu, lambs testicles are a surprisingly spongy mouthful of weird. This popular dish is often eaten in late-night restaurants around Istanbul and is apparently very good for hangovers. Incase youre wondering, the balls have a soft texture – something along the lines of a light, bouncy chicken meatball dripped in lamb fat. Efendy chef Somer Sivrioglu serves this delicacy on a bed of garlic yoghurt and fries the organs in marash chili butter. If you are dining here be sure to check out the downstairs diner, the walls are covered in Turkish comic book posters and are ultra cool.

79 Elliott St, Balmain Sydney NSW 2041 |(02) 9810 5466


Slice O’Pie Thickshake at The Pie Tin

Be prepared for possibly the best thick-shake experience of your life. Its simple… or easy as pie, if you will. Pick a pie from the ridiculous selection at The Pie Tin and theyll pop it in the blender and blitz it with ice cream, milk and syrup. Its hard to go wrong here – they have every kind of variety on this menu from the traditional apple pie through to the Mississippi mud. It will make your mouth water just reading the list.

1a Brown St, Newtown Sydney NSW 2042 |(02) 9519 7880


Camel burger at Arabian Nights

Try a burger with a twist at Arabian Nights. $6 will get you a taste of the desert with their unusual list of camel burgers. Despite the brutishness of the beast, the meat is believed to be lean and delicate. The taste of camel is said to be somewhat halfway between beef and lamb with an added smoky char-grilled flavour. If you are feeling patriotic, opt for the Australian camel served with beetroot, egg and an intriguing secret sauce.

47 Moore St, Liverpool Sydney NSW 2170 |(02) 8712 6402



Ice Stream Ramen at Dessert Kitchen

Before you get all grossed out, note: this dish doesn’t actually include any ramen noodles. Instead youll be peering into a pool of translucent blue noodles. These appear blubbery in texture but are more solid than your standard jelly products. Instead of savoury broth, these noodles sit in a sweet milky soup topped with crushed ice and rice balls along with frozen melon balls and chunky mango. If ultra-syrupy is your thing, youre more than welcome to cover it with white-peach sauce. Oh and make sure you take your phone with you when eating these. Instagram it or it didnt happen.

Shop 1/78 Harbour St, Haymarket Sydney NSW 2000 | (02) 9280 2809


Sydneys Most Unusual Dishes
After a meal thats strange, offbeat or just downright weird? Then look no further than these. We found some of Sydney's most unusual dishes.
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