Stop, breathe, read. These 4 books are good for your soul.

Every now and then, a book come along that truly changes your life. With so little time in our busy lives and minds, theres little time to peruse the stores to find those impactful titles. These four concise books offer straightforward strategies that pave the way for a calmer, stress-free life.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Instead of reading dozens of inspirational/self-help books, this one little book provides insight into the source of our self-limiting beliefs. Based on the knowledge of the ancient Toltecs, this is an easy to read book that outlines four things we can all do to reduce the complexity of our lives. The Four Agreements is an inspiring book offering powerful strategies to free us from the mind-traps we all fall into.

Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy The Things That Really Matter by Elaine St James

If you are looking to simplify your life in every aspect – work, health, relationships, finances and leisure – this might be the book for you. Elaine St James clearly outlines 100 ways to improve the quality of your life by suggesting we put less energy into things that dont really matter and focus on creating a life that is more relaxing and satisfying. Constructed of chapters addressing particular areas (home, work etc), this is a useful book if you are looking to tidy up certain areas of your life.

Be Mindful and Simplify Your Life by Kate James

Kate James provides snippets of wisdom, focusing on how to achieve a more connected and peaceful life. She covers everything from time management, to knowing your strengths and how to use them. She also explores how to ignore the negative and stay fixated on the positive by incorporating mindfulness into your life. This book can be read in its entirety or one snippet at a time, making it perfect for those with very busy lives.

Opening the Door of Your heart and Other Buddhist Tales of Happiness by Ajahn Brahm

Opening the door of your heart is available in book or audio form, the latter great to listen to in the car. It is a compilation of funny and inspiring tales gathered by Ajahn during his 30 years as a Buddhist monk .Born and educated in the West, Brahm has cleverly made his wisdom accessible to western readers, providing both enlightenment and a light-hearted approach to many of lifes ups and downs. To get the most out of these often hilarious but thoughtful stories, read them one tale at a time.

By Contributor Barbara Besant

Read Your Way To A Stress Free Life
Stop, breathe, read. These 4 books are good for your soul. These books offer straightforward strategies that pave the way for a calmer, stress-free life.
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