Unless you 100% love your job, or youre an enlightened Zen-like being, chances are you wake up on Monday morning with a little pebble of dread sitting at the bottom of your stomach. Theres no denying that Mondayitis is a curse that plagues the masses, and while theres no foolproof cure, there are a bunch of little tricks to help ease the pain.


Get Moving

Rather than rolling out of bed and dragging your defiant legs all the way to the office, extract yourself from your Monday slump with a solid thrashing at the gym. Or perhaps some bending and stretching in a yoga class if thrashing isnt your thing. Exercise might be the last thing you feel like doing first thing on a Monday, but rarely does a person feel worse after exercising. In fact, exercise is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most legal mood boosters out there. So whether you choose a 20-minute jog, spin class, yoga, or some high intensity interpretive dancing in your bedroom, try and move first thing on Monday and your emotions will thank you.

Try Life & Balance or Flow Lab for a pre-work yoga sesh in Sydneys CBD.


Get Yourself a Damn Coffee

So simple, yet so effectivecoffee is exactly what you need first thing on a Monday, and that coffee needs to make waking up worth it. Try Mecca, Pablo & Rustys 161, or Cabrito Coffee Traders to ensure your coffee has all the mood boosting, brain enhancing benefits that a good coffee should.


Get Some Good Stuff into You

While it might be tempting to soothe the Monday blues with chips and burgers, that temporary junk food high will soon dissipate, leaving you with nothing but low blood sugar levels and regret. Avert your eyes from all those greasy bain-maries in the CBD and steer yourself to Thrive, where superfood smoothies and hearty salads will keep you satisfied until home time.


Get Zen

Meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming increasingly mainstream for a reason. Research has shown that meditating daily can reduce anxiety, improve memory, elevate mood, increase focus and productivity and cure Mondayitis (okay that last bit has not specifically been studied, but it should be). Many psychologists now incorporate mindfulness into treatment plans, and some schools and workplaces are jumping on the bandwagon too. While 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation per day is ideal, even 5 or 10 minutes on your lunch break can make a huge difference. There are some great meditation apps for beginners, including Headspace and Calm, which will guide you on your path to having your shit together.


Monday Morning Mood Boosters
Mondayitis is a curse that plagues the masses, and while theres no foolproof cure, there are a bunch of little tricks to help ease the pain.
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