People walk into Joh Bailey with high expectations. And thats exactly how the team at this multi award-winning Sydney CBD salon likes it.

Manager and senior stylist, George Zara, explains that the salons name precedes it because the actual Joh Bailey has been at the top of his game for 35 years. Hes styled celebrities like Jennifer Hawkins, Martha Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr and so many more, it would be ludicrous to name them all. In the early days of Johs career, one lucky break led to a word-of-mouth whirlwind that positioned him as an elite-level stylist.

But lucky breaks dont get you far without skills to keep the momentum going. Joh earned his high-profile reputation with excellent technical ability, creativity and drive. One of Johs trademarks is his blow-drying technique, which clients say is the best blow-dry theyve ever had. George explains that Joh trains every stylist one-on-one to make sure the signature Joh Bailey blow-dry is consistently perfect.

So, you walk in with your expectations sky-high. You meet your stylist, get settled, start chatting, take in the ambience and watch your hairstyle take shape. You might expect a salon known for its star clientele to be a bit pompous but this bustling CBD is warm and welcoming.

No matter how high-profile the owner or how many famous clients come through, Joh Bailey is a surprisingly unpretentious salon. The surroundings may be luxe, but the atmosphere is upbeat, friendly and casual; youll see all sorts at Joh Bailey and the stylists are so comfortable with each other, they could be siblings.

George says, Many of the stylists have been here for 10-20 years were like brothers and sisters. And together, we make everyone feel comfortable. We welcome everyone, whether youre 9 or 90.

Theyre also incredibly accommodating, which is the influence of Johs long-time business partner, Marilyn Koch. As George puts it, We never say no we always make it happen. No matter how busy we are, we always make room for someone if they really need an appointment. Thats one of the reasons clients keep coming back we give them amazing service and we also work around them when they really need us to.

In Australias busiest city, that sort of flexibility is important. Nestled in St James Centre on Elizabeth Street in the CBD, Joh Bailey clients like to squeeze in their appointments around work, meetings and shopping in the city. As the salon manager, it can make the scheduling aspect of Georges job a little tricky, but he loves the shifting nature of running a business in the heart of Sydney.

Its the best city to live in across all of Australia. Everyone wants to live here. Its amazing its got beautiful restaurants, beautiful views, so much to do. And Elizabeth Street specifically is the perfect spot for us were surrounded by high-end brands and it has a great vibe about it.

Joh Bailey has been styling in the Sydney CBD for 25 years. Thats one of the reasons we were so excited to speak to George about the business that sort of longevity is rare in any neighbourhood, but especially in a highly competitive setting like central Sydney. After chatting to George and getting the full Joh Bailey story, we can see that this salon doesnt rely on its glamorous reputation to get by after two and a half decades, this hard-working team of stylists continues to earn their reputation every day.

By now, your hair has been styled and youre ready to head out. Your stylist, who may or may not be your best friend now, sends you off with a smile, a wave, or even a hug. You bounce onto Elizabeth Street to smash the rest of your day and can we just say damn, you look good!


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Joh Bailey

St James Centre111 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000 |(02) 9223 2972 |


Service Type
Provider Name
Joh Bailey,
St James Centre 111 Elizabeth St,Sydney,New South Wales (NSW)-2000,
Telephone No.(02) 9223 2972
Sydney, NSW
People walk into Joh Bailey with high expectations. And thats exactly how the team at this multi award-winning Sydney CBD salon likes it.


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