The Northern Beaches suburb of Brookvale, lovingly called Brooky by locals, holds a lot more than meets the eye. Although the area is commonly viewed as industrial, Fuel Espresso owners beg to differ, describing it as the real deal.

Since the opening of the upmarket caf four years ago, Fuel Espresso has become a second home to many. Familiar faces fill the rustic styled space each day, which proves how much heart this business has for its community. Even during my time chatting with two of the proud owners, Shak & Jess, regular customers stopped by to flash a smile and thank them sincerely for another great feed and experience at Fuel! That level of interaction and fellowship goes a long way and will surely sustain a healthy, long-lasting business.


The value that is placed on nurturing relationships with their customers is evident, and is truly the backbone of the company. However, this isnt their only priority, which is obvious once eyes are laid on the wholesome meals being delivered and the strong smell of Campos specialty coffee is inhaled. The quality of food is second to none, as each dish features locally sourced, wholesome ingredients that are served with an Israeli twist due to the owners heritage. Exciting spices and flavours of the Middle East are found in their dishes, giving them a unique kick and point of difference.


The goal for Shak, Mark, and Jess was to bring an upmarket, yet reasonably priced, option to the area. Before the opening, there was nothing of its kind available and the community has welcomed the change with open arms. The specialty coffee culture was especially non-existent in Brookvale prior to Fuels arrival and Im sure the whole town was cheering the day they didnt have to drive outside of the suburb to access it.


A breakfast favourite from their menu is the classic bacon and egg roll, with a Middle Eastern twist of course, served with homemade aioli, rocket, tomato relish and the spicy kick that sets it apart, harissa. For lunch they find themselves pumping out plenty of their steak sandwiches, which are worthy of all the attention they receive! Theyre definitely not your conventional sanga, thanks to the halloumi that melts over the juicy steak (yep, wipe up that drool). Not to mention the colourful and fresh side salad that holds a whole lot more than your usual cheapskate bowl of greens with 2 cherry tomatoes. This babys got heart!


The staff at Fuel put a lot of effort into producing excellent quality in lighting speed time. Since so many of their customers are local workers on their way to the office, or dropping in after a session at the gym before heading to work, or even stopping by on their way to the kid’s school or sports game, they realise the importance of moving quickly. Theyre highly tuned into what their customers’ needs are, and are always seeking out ways to improve on their efficiency. One of the tactics in use is keeping a fully stocked display of delicious treats and take-away options including a vast array of bagels packed with hearty fillings. They have more food on display than most cafs youll visit to make sure they can continually pump out orders for those on the run, without compromising the high standard of food.

Fuel, youre definitely ticking all the right boxes! The people of Brookvale, and beyond, obviously love you for it.





Fuel Espresso

2/676 Pittwater Road, Brookvale,NSW 2100 |(02) 9939 6790 |Facebook | Instagram


Service Type
Rustic Middle Eastern Cafe and Coffee Shop
Provider Name
Fuel Espresso,
2/676 Pittwater Road,Brookval,New South Wales (NSW)-2100,
Telephone No.(02) 9939 6790
Brookvale, NSW
Wholesome, Middle-eastern inspired cuisine, strong coffee, and a warm, nurturing atmosphere? Fuel Espresso is the real deal.


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