Meet the guy who went from animal protector to animal fryer.

Wildlife conservation and professional chef are not usually two career paths explored by the same person. But sure enough, from protecting animals to cooking them, Mike Eggert has become a well-known name within the Sydney culinary scene.

Completing his studies with a Bachelor of Ecology & Environmental Science, followed by a Masters in Wildlife, Health & Population Management, Mike Eggert decided to change course in his career, and is now one of Sydneys up-and-coming culinary princes.

With a resume bearing the names of his mentors including Daniel Puskas and James Parry (Oscillate Wildly), Martin Benn (Sepia), Kylie Kwong (Billy Kwong), and Mat Lindsay (Ester), Mikes insistence on fresh produce coupled with solid techniques has made his transition from wildlife protector to chef a highly successful one.

Off the back of the closure of his previous pop-up Good Luck Pinbone in Kensington with Jemma Whiteman, Mike and Jemmas latest culinary expedition Mr Liquor Dirty Italian Disco is located in Merivales Tennyson Hotel for just 6 months.

Launching in October, the pop-up will be a fusion of American-Italian style cuisines, within a super casual, super crazy Italian warehouse destination.

Having both worked together at Billy Kwong, Mike and Jemmas latest pop-up will serve food at wacky as their name.

However, while many may think Mikes career change signals a change in his views on animals, this couldnt be further from the truth.

Growing up with his botanist mother, Mike was taught from an early age everything about plants and to respect living things. Taking that same love and respect for natural produce, Mikes culinary adventures have led him on a journey surviving the multiple pop-up restaurants he has established and run, including the legendary Pinbone restaurant.

Changing tact again, Mike will be teaching at the Sydney Seafood School alongside his long-time running mate Jemma Whiteman on January 29th, 2018.

For American-Italian cuisine in a super cool locale, dont miss Mike and Jemmas Mr Liquor Dirty Italian Disco!


Mr Liquor Dirty Italian Disco

The Tennyson Hotel, 952 Botany Road, Mascot NSW 2020 |(02) 9667 2638 |

Feature image credit to the Financial Review.

Chef Profile: Mike Eggert
Chef Profile: Mike Eggert
Chef Mike Eggert decided to change course from his original career and is now one of Sydneys up-and-coming culinary princes.
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