Brunching is second nature to Sydneysiders. So much so that between the hours of 8 – 11 on weekends the cafs of Coogee have turned into a Hunger Games battleground, filled with sleep-deprived Coogee Pavillionites; post-workout gym goers; morning joggers and swimmers; the ever-present caffeine junkies and of course: food bloggers and instagram socialites. Weve gone ahead and made a top 4 list for must-try brunches in Coogee.

Tropicana Cafe

Tropicana kicks off our top 4, thanks to its wonderfully stretched opening hours of 6.30am until 9.30pm (its always brunch somewhere in the world!) and all-day breakfast menu. The brekkie wrap will take you to your happy place, stuffed with fried egg, hash brown, bacon, tasty cheese and oozing BBQ sauce. The service is friendly and the coffee delicious! A little pricey but youll never go hungry. As the great Louis C.K says, Its not over when youre full, its over when you hate yourself.

207 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee, Sydney, NSW 2034

Coogee Cafe

At number 3, this gem is a local favorite, steadily busy almost every day thanks to consistently great coffee and food. The liver-cleansing juices, organic sourdough bread and homemade granola top the picks for us. The retro decor and chilled atmosphere makes the place more inviting. Bask in rays of morning sun as you sip on your latte and witness the owner exchanging pleasantries with his locally faithful army.

221 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee, Sydney, NSW, 2034 |

The Little Kitchen

The Little Kitchen takes our runners-up prize for brunching in Coogee! This wonderful, humble, family-run small business follows three simple principles: good food, local produce, good coffee. Neil and Amy Thompson are a British/Aussie dynamic duo that appeal to the British/Aussie majority residing in Coogee. Their unpretentious and sizeable meals keep people coming back for more, while the rustic wooden-planter boxes and solid timber tables provide the element of social connection. Get your forks on the full English breakfast, with two eggs, a huge pile of bacon, baked beans, hash brown, black pudding, a delicious pork sausage and ham off the bone with roasted tomato. You can then roll your way down to the beach and vegetate on the sand for a few hours, potentially working up the strength to go for a swim.

275 Arden Street, Coogee, Sydney, NSW, 2034 |


Barzura takes home the bacon!! Not literally though, as then youd have nothing to eat. Prepare yourself for eye-candy (not bikinis you pervs!), the views of Coogees gorgeous coastline are there to charm your senses into a post-massage state. Aside from the views, Barzura has provided beachgoers with a place to eat and drink since 1994. If you like coffee art or an excellent green smoothie paired with grilled stuffed mushrooms, get on down here. They are all about helping the community of Coogee as well, promoting local photographers, The Salvation Army and other local events. The owner and Coogee local Rodney Sen even jets off to Africa to help out struggling communities in Tanzania! They are open 7am-late and even have a Good Morning Bloody Mary if you need a 10am 5pm in Mexico* beverage.

62 Carr St, Coogee, Sydney, NSW 2034 |

Brunching in Coogee
Brunching in Coogee
Brunching is second nature to Sydneysiders. So much so that between the hours of 8 - 11 on weekends the cafs of Coogee have turned into a Hunger Games battleground.
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