For burgers with a bite, theres only one destination!

If youre looking for a burger house to really sink your teeth into, them look no further!

With the noble mission to elevate the American dining experience in Sydney and beyond, Brooklyn Depot in Surry Hills have just released a new menu.

Already boasting one of the best burger menus in Sydney, Brooklyn Depot in Surry Hills has been faithfully serving its dedicated customers for over a year, and are now set to take it to the next level.

After huge amounts of tireless research (aka eating their way through New York), co-owners Michael Rose and Michael Logos (the culinary geniuses behind Crust pizza) have an epic new menu to be reckoned with.

We visited over 100 venues including rooftop bars, food trucks, fine dining restaurants and old classic diners. It was the ultimate research mission to explore the best of Brooklyn and bring it home, says Brooklyn Depot co-owner Michael Rose.

Sounds like a pretty good gig, right?!

Jokes aside, the depth and breadth of their extensive research certainly shines through.

With such epic new offerings including the humble Mac & Cheese (lobster edition), shrimp and grits tacos, cheeseburger empanadas, French dip sandwich, chicken n waffles, and lobster rolls are just some of the mouth-watering additions to Brooklyn Depots menu.

This authentic offering of Brooklyn-inspired cuisine was intended to be a selection which represents the diverse backgrounds and cultures that influence the Brooklyn food set, says Michael.

As if their newest additions werent enough, Brooklyn Depots specialist menu of burgers sound like something from any foodies heavenly dream.

Hickory smoked bacon, crispy buttermilk chicken fillet, honey mustard aioli, sweet potato, hot sauce, juicy beef rib meat how could anyone resist?

Add those tempting burger offerings with their list of hot dawgs, ribs, salads, desserts, wings and rolls, and there is literally no excuse for you to still be reading this and not yet treating your taste buds to Brooklyn-inspired foodie heaven!

The only question were left with, is why dont they have a degustation option for all these incredible dishes?!


Brooklyn Depot Kitchen & Brew

65 Holt Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 |(02) 9211 2255
Open 7 days 11am-late



Service Type
Burger Eatery, Bar and Brewery
Provider Name
Brooklyn Depot Kitchen & Brew,
65 Holt Street,Surry Hills,New South Wales (NSW) -2010,
Telephone No.(02) 9211 2255
Surry Hills, NSW
Formerly just Brooklyn Depot, this hospitable crew has recently perfected an ambitious new menu and fans of American food are flocking to their CBD eatery.


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