From dressing her Barbie doll, to dressing toddlers around the country, check out the story of Arthur Aves rise to fame.

From the early days as co-designer of her own toddler outfits handmade by her mother and grandmother, Natasha Dwyer was destined to be a fashion designer. Whether putting her own outfits together, or matching garments between Barbie and Ken, Natasha is now designing and making indie outfits for toddlers around the country.

After studying fashion design for four years at a TAFE in Sydney, Natasha not only fell in love with fashion design, but knew it was what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing.

Following her studies and graduated with distinctions, Natasha found work straight away with a Sydney-based fashion house. But it wasnt long before Natasha found herself raising a child, and struggling to maintain a good work/life balance.

Like so many other successful entrepreneurs, Natasha turned what may be considered as a career downturn into her strength. Deciding to concentrate her efforts on a garment range for toddlers, Natasha soon found herself selling her handmade toddler outfits at weekend markets.

Starting off her journey as Arthur Ave in 2005, Natasha used recycled fabrics for a vintage patchwork aesthetic. These fashion restraints soon forged a smarter, stronger, and more effective fashion designer, according to Natasha. Still found in her new collections, this style has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Following her immense success in the industry, Natashas numerous accolades have jetsetted her to Paris, enabled her to dress international beauty queen Jesinta Campbell, and create wedding dresses for the partners of high-profile footballers.

With a product line that emphasises attention to detail, vibrant colours, and bold patterns, Arthur Ave is a fusion of both modern designs with vintage appeal.

One of the few fashion labels which is both eco-friendly and totally carbon neutral (not to mention successful), Arthur Aves use of recycled fabrics was awarded the Planet Ark Recycling Award in 2005 for recycled garments.

From her young, humble origins, Natashas awesome rise to success is not only unique, but inspirational. A featured designer at boutiques across the country, Natashas clothing line is stocked in stores around the country; a refreshing success story in an industry of dreams dashed by cheap imports.


Arthur Ave ||0415 418 579

Arthur Ave
From dressing her Barbie doll, to dressing toddlers around the country, check out the story of Arthur Aves rise to fame.
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