Burgers never seem to go out of fashion. Theres no shortage of these universally-popular, two-handed mega-sandwiches in Melbourne. In an industry where burgers are just getting bigger and wilder, the competition is fierce. But in 2012, Mr. Burger stepped onto the scene and quickly became king of this beefy jungle.

Mr. Burgers recipe for success is simple. As co-founder Daragh Kan puts it, if youre looking for a 20-patty-burger made out of 5 different animals topped with jelly beans you wont find it on the menu. Their burgers are simply uncomplicated. Dont mistake this simplicity for ignorance, lack of creative flair, or lack of effort. Daragh and his business partner, Myles Munro made a calculated decision to focus on one thing and do it right. They wanted to recreate the classic, iconic hamburger, so thats what they did. And they nailed it. After eating their way through the burger scene in America, these guys returned to Melbourne and spent months meeting with local producers and tasting hundreds of creations until they had the perfect burger.

Starting with a food truck, Daragh and Myles took their meticulously-crafted and utterly-delicious selection of sandwiches wherever there was demand. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Now, with shops and trucks all over Melbourne, these burgers are dangerously accessible.

Mr. Burgers secret ingredient is their employees. Myles and Daragh realise that good staff are a crucial element of business required to execute what theyve spent so much time creating; no amount of product development or marketing can replace the quality service. For that reason, working at Mr. Burger isnt your typical burger-flipping job. If we could always hire internally, we would, Daragh says. Our people are without a doubt the heart of our business…we look after our staff and want them to work with us for a long time, so were always looking at how they can grow and develop with us and try to give them as many opportunities as possible.


And with this duo rapidly expanding their portfolio, theres plenty of opportunities to be had. The same creative minds that established the Mr. Burger empire have also built Fancy Hanks, Welcome to Thornbury, and the brand-new Good Heavens Rooftop Bar. Although the burgers are classic, Myles and Daragh, along with their main marketing man, Maleik Edwards, are finding plenty of other ways to exercise their creative and playful personalities.

In the past few years, theyve managed to trick the whole city into thinking they had created a burger tram in a massive April fools prank, been shut down by the government for offering free burgers to anyone who legally changed their surname to Burger, invented a Chrome extension that replaces pictures of Donald Trumps face with photos of Mr Burger instead, and even created Future Burger, a drone burger delivery service that took place at Monash University.

It’s no wonder people are waiting for what these guys will do next.We cant wait to find out.

Locations – Victoria

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Federation Square| 206 Flinders Street | (03) 9329 7304

Locations – Tasmania

Liverpool Street | 120A Liverpool Street

The Man, The Legend: Mr. Burger
We sit down with the founders of Mr. Burger to talk about all things burgers, pranks, and find out their recipe for success.
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