In a world where mass production and carbon-copy clothes and accessories are the norm, the idea of owning something singular is exciting. Thats one of the reasons Shabana Jacobsons stunning jewellery stands out every piece is made by hand.

Shabana has spent 14 years building her brand into the impressive business it is today. She works out of a complex in Fitzroy but its much more than a workspace. The complex, called SJS Gallery, operates as a showroom for Shabanas entire collection, an exhibition space for special collections and a studio space for about 30 other jewellery makers and artists. Its the largest studio of its kind in Melbourne and has become the go-to for jewellery-makers.

Shabana has a background studying fine arts but as a jeweller, shes mostly self-taught. While the refinement of her fine arts background comes through in her pieces, its obvious that theyre more intuitive than technical. That makes sense because Shabanas main source of inspiration is the world around her the ugliness and the beauty in board cityscapes right down to the finer details of texture and colour nuance.

Thats not to say Shabana doesnt know her stuff when it comes to the technicalities. Her work space is filled with tools of every shape and size tools youve definitely never seen before. Making her jewellery is labour-intensive, but the finished pieces are imperfect perfection.

You can find Shabana Jacobson Jewellery at over 300 retailers across Australia and New Zealand, including the national galleries in most states. Shes also known to bring her gorgeous wares to big markets like Finders Keepers, the Big Design Market and Markit @ Fed Square, so check the line-ups for SJS. And if youre an aspiring jewellery designer or maker, youll be happy to know that Shabana also uses SJS Gallery for workshops and mentoring sessions with jewellers hoping to break into the industry.


Shabana Jacobson Jewellery

120 Alexandra Pde, Fitzroy VIC 3065 |


Feature image credit to Shaban Jacobson Jewellery.

Shabana Jacobsons Intuitive and Intricate Jewellery
Shabana Jacobsons Intuitive and Intricate Jewellery
One of the many reasons Shabana Jacobsons stunning jewellery stands out every piece is made by hand.
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