Health and Wellness writer Jackson Lavell-Lee talks restoring your world to a place of calm when we’re feeling off kilter.

John Lennon once said that peace is eternal but if youve been struggling to find your own eternal peace because something has derailed you, pause for a second and give yourself a holiday. It happens to the best of us.

Maybe youre struggling with a tough break up, or you’ve been made redundantand now you dont know where the rents coming from, or maybe its just Monday.

Sometimes you just need that one day that brightens your outlook, brings back that spark, the passion for a new beginning or the composure to remain calm when your housematehas eaten all your food.

Rediscover that inner peace that restores the force of balance to the world.

These areourgo-to’s to maintain a sense of inner peaceand stay calm.

Ditch Work

This isnt something to take lightly but neither are you.


Once the boss has been called and has accepted (unconvinced) your sickie, start to change up your surroundings. Get the tunes on, lets party! Throw on your favourite tv show, sing in the shower or do something stupid. AND LAUGH!

Get a Good Breakfast

Go to your favourite caf with the best COFFEE get your cheeky quirk to go with pride and just chill for a while. Get someone else to do the work.

Fresh Air

Now that the day is off to a pretty good start get out there and kick around the old kangaroo skin, grab the bat/paddle/club/stick/raquet and hit something (make sure its not someone). Go for a run, stretch out with some yoga or just sun bathe. Vitamin D, that old chestnut, is a simple distributer of happiness from mother nature.

Do Something You Love

Everyone has something. For me I try to write or play music but it could be drawing or painting something, taking photos or filming something. Try do one thing creative for half an hour and love every minute.

Ignore the Clock

Just keep doing what youre doing until its no longer fun. Time is an illusion man.


Get into that book you always thought would be incredible but you never had time for it. Trust me, it was incredible.


Guys, get your hair cut, buy a dope new pair of kicks or go to the gym do whatever you need to. Feel fresh. Girls, go nuts! Mani, pedi, trim, colour, wash, massage. Do your thing gurl.

Spend Time with Your Best Mates

There is a reason why you consider them your best friends. They will notice you are down and cheer you up, and if they dont then soon they will accidently. If you cant see them skype or call them for a while. Its worth it. (pets included)

Give a Shitload of Hugs

They literally, scientifically make your brain feel happier!

Whatever your peace looks like Walt Whitman knew Peace is always beautiful so take a day to find it.

Restore Your Balance
Health and Wellness writer Jackson Lavell-Lee talks restoring your world to a place of calm when we're feeling off kilter.
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