People are flocking to Preston for its fantastic food. And as it turns out, you dont have to spend a whole lot to have a great meal in this northern land. So where do you go when you want to eat on the cheap in Preston? Today, were pointing you in the right direction!



How do you feel about two tacos for $9? That was obviously a rhetorical question. This permanent food truck brings a taste of Spanish street food to the Preston Market with their juicy tacos and finger-lickin corn on the cob.

Preston Market, 2/30 Centreway, Preston 3072 |0403 030 119


Spiral Beans

This quirky little eatery delights diners with their homestyle Japanese dishes. Their toasties are a top cheap pick, going for just $9.50. Munch on the sake-roasted brown mushroom and swiss cheese or devour a delicate Osaka-style omelette with house okonomiyaki sauce. Both are just as awesome as they are affordable!

539 Plenty Rd, Preston 3072 |(03) 9478 1461


Cedar Bakery

Cedar is the ultimate place for stuffing face on a shoestring. Their Lebanese pizzas and pastries are made to perfection daily. You can score some for under $5, so grab a few and have yourself a feast!

33-37 High St, Preston 3072 |(03) 9484 4999


Brown Bear

Brown Bears all-day brekkie menu is one of the tastier in town, but we have a soft spot for their sandwiches. Theyre under $10 and stuffed generously with corned beef, chicken and avocado or grilled vegetables, and we love the creative flavours they pack into each sanga.

301 High St, Preston 3072 |(03) 9442 2717


Pho Hung

This whole list could have been pho, but that might have been boring for you. Pho is the ultimate cheap, and cheerful food and Pho Hung makes a mean bowl of big, slurpy Vietnamese soup. And best of all, this dish hits the spot without hitting the wallet.

447 High St, Preston 3072 |(03) 9470 1588

Eating on a Budget in Preston
So where do you go when you want to eat on the cheap in Preston? We'll point you in the right direction for some delicious cheap eats!
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