As gluttons of the tallest order, we believe that delicious food is worth splurging on. But we also know that you can get a great feed without going broke. Every suburb has a few budget gems, and today were taking you through the very best cheap eats in Coburg.


$4 Beef Pie at The Pie Place

This place has been pumping out hearty homemade meat pies for over 20 years. They bake them all in the small kitchen that opens into a tiny shop front tucked away in one of Coburgs delightfully dodgy arcades. Their traditional beef pie is just $4, so dont think twice about stopping by The Pie Place for a snack.

Walkers Arcade, 471 Sydney Road, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9354 8246


$10 Cheeseburger at Pentridge Burgers

Ten bucks gets you a juicy beef patty, melted cheddar, tangy pickle, house-made ketchup and yellow mustard sandwiches between two sides of a glossy bun. Its called The Ned (named after Ned Kelly, who was a prisoner at the former Pentridge Prison) and it offers penny-pinchers a premium burger experience for a fair price.

41 Stockade Ave, Coburg 3058 |04 0353 0809


$6.50 Quarter Charcoal Chicken and Chips at Tasty Rooster

True to traditional charcoal chicken takeaway joints, Tasty Rooster is a no-fuss and very fast food option. Its a local favourite for its delicious charcoal chicken and piping hot chips a combo that will always hit the spot. Particularly when you can hit that spot for a measly $6.50.

51 Waterfield Street, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9350 3075


$10 Nasi Goreng at Mama Wongs Kitchen

When you want a full belly of hot food, hit up Mama Wongs for their nasi goreng. Its nothing fancy, but its a delicious dish of fried rice, chicken, prawn, egg, green peas and spring onion cooked in a mild Malaysian chilli paste. The flavours are there, the service is quick, and the price tag makes it a great pick for lunch or dinner on the cheap.

164 Sydney Rd, Coburg 3058 |(03) 9383 4196

Eating on a Budget in Coburg
We love getting a good cheap meal! Every suburb has a few budget gems, and today were taking you through the very best cheap eats in Coburg.
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