We’ve found 10 apps that are sure to make life just that little bit easier.

Life can be hard. Life can be unpredictable. Life can bewell…. boring. But every now and then something will shake you from the monotony and come screaming into your life disrupting everything.

Life it seems, just fliespast too quick and there just simply isnt enough time in the day to get everything done. Well, these 10 freeapps will save your time and your sanity. We recommend checking them out!


Good Budget planner

Helps you keep debt and expenses under control with a visual and notified spending plan.


Helping you meditate on the go. Find your inner peace in an inner city caf or just relax at work when things are getting a little too stressful.


Although it progresses into a paid membership Lumosity keeps your brain switched on and ready to perform difficult tasks at the drop of hat. The simple science behind the basic games is to activate theneuroplasticity of your brain, it’s like taking your mind to the gym.

Unroll Me

How long have you had your current email account? Spam is a problem for everyone from a CEO to a student. Keep on top of those subscriptions with Unroll me, just flick away all your unwanted emails like youve swiped left on tinder and never want to see that ungodly mess of emails.

Levo Resume

Design professional and attention grabbing resumes in the palm of your hand with this awesome resume template. Ever seen a job online when waiting for the bus but didnt add your last job to your resume? Add it ASAP and apply!

Keep Password Manager

We dont know about you but we always forget our passwords. Store them safely in one place.


The time keeper app. If youre worried that youve got too much to do today and can only do a certain amount for each massive task, then set your toggle up to tell you how long youve been working on each. Change it up! Your attention span is probably shot anyway.


The Pinterest for your work! This huge pinup board is useful for collaboration with other co-workers or experts. It adapts to your workflow and different projects. You can even add team members after youve started.


This one is for all your procrastinators out there. Dont be shy we know its you who gets lost in every other social media app before getting down to work but with freedom you wont have that luxury. Freedom locks you out of any unessential apps so you cant not be productive.


Everyone has those unwanted jobs lying around you just havent gotten around too. Just let Bizzby know what you need and a contractor from any of over 500 professions will be there shortly at your designated price.

So go forth in your new technological ways, knowing that there’s a few apps that have got your back, and remember:


The proper function of a man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time. – Jack London.

10 Apps to Hack Your Everyday
We've found 10 apps that are sure to make life just that little bit easier and save your time and your sanity. We recommend checking them out!
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