Making your own bone broth is a classic dont try this at home situation. If youve read about bone broth and its many health benefits, youve probably been tempted to borrow your mums slow cooker and give it a go. But 24 hours into the 48-hour process, your unit smells like marrow and you miss having bench space, so you shut the whole operation down.

Probably best to leave it to the professionals. Broth of Life was founded in 2013 by two friends, Alison and Ada, who came from completely different backgrounds but were looking for the same thing. When the duo decided to form the business, Alison was looking for her next move after retiring from her career as a professional tennis player. Ada was also on the look-out, hoping to leave her 15-year career in the legal industry for something more fulfilling.

And Broth of Life was born. They werent the first bone broth business on the scene, but they took the slow-brewed product in a new direction. While most broth businesses around at the time were delivering liquid broth within very limited delivery areas, Broth of Life developed a dehydrated broth that could be easily shipped and stored.

Alison and Ada now run a booming business, which they oversee at every stage of the production process at Broth of Life headquarters in Dee Why. Since perfecting and launching their product, Broth of Life has shipped their jars and bulk bags of certified organic dehydrated chicken, beef and lamb bone broth to every corner of the world.

And for folks that arent particularly fussed about healing their gut, you should at least get some of their chicken salt into your gob its darn good on a homemade wedges.


Broth of Life

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Broth-Brewers
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Broth-Brewers
Since launching, Broth of Life has shipped their jars and bulk bags of certified organic dehydrated bone broths to every corner of the world.
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