Watch out IKEA: Check out the Swedish furniture giants biggest threat straight from the shores of Sydney.

From graphic design, to television, to furniture and product design, Alex Nobles journey towards his current success in the home dcor industry is as diverse as it is intricate. Catering to a growing domestic market hungry for local goods, Alex has found his niche and is definitely making the most of it!


The People

With a background in graphic design and television freelance roles, Alex Noble is an unlikely contender to be one of Australias most competitive home dcor designers and manufacturers. Launching his innovative and creative business in 2002, Alex was lucky enough to turn his passion into a business, now spending his days designing unique furniture and home dcor pieces for his international clientele.

With a mission statement to create beautiful objects that echo the dramatic elements of nature, Alexs designs are aesthetically modern yet retain a sense of timeless beauty.

Inspired by his natural Aussie surroundings, Alex fostered his reliable sense of market demand from his early days of selling direct to market, and is self-taught in his craft of furniture design.

Looking to meet the demand of Sydney-siders looking to fill their homes with locally-produced creations, Alexs dedication to creating home spaces that are both individual and innovative is surely a large contributor to his success.


The Process

Working primarily from self-initiated briefs, Alex is both the designer, manufacturer and distributor of his wild, wacky and totally awesome home accessories. With a product range of everything from chairs, lights, accessories and dividing screens, Alexs creations are designed and built from flat sheet, environmentally friendly materials. Designed to be easily customised, Alexs creations are supplied in kit form to both purchasers directly and through selected retailers.

Building from mostly Australian materials in Sydney, Alex Nobles creations are designed and built to be modular, meaning additional components can always be added later and integrated into your current design for a breath of new life.

With an emphasis on modern aesthetics influenced by designs of the 1950s and 1960s, Alex employs bold colours, clean lines, and soft, nature-inspired forms in his designs.

Using 100% recyclable materials, Alexs collection of lamps is distinctly unique, as their modular form allows customers to build their light designs like Lego!

Also working on a commission made to order basis, Alexs innovative and creative home dcor collection is designed to not only be practical beacons of light, but to really light up you home with these beautifully unique designs.

Looking to expand his range on the back of his current success, make sure you check out Alexs awesome range of home dcor to bring the light into your home!


Alex Noble Design|@alexnobledesigns


Feature image credit to Alex Noble Designs.

Alex Noble Design
Watch out IKEA: Check out the Swedish furniture giants biggest threat straight from the shores of Sydney.
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