You wouldnt expect to find a tropical oasis smack bang in the hustle and bustle of downtown Sydney, would you? Well grab your sun hats ladies and gentlemen because we have done it. Crema At The Garden will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also your need for a mid-week escape (even if it is just for half an hour over lunch).

Havent heard of it? Well, thats okay; well forgive you because its a fairly new establishment. Theyve just recently celebrated their second birthday since opening in March 2015. But let it be known that Leo and Jason are no inexperienced businessmen. Crema At The Garden has a proud older sibling, Crema55, who is ten years its senior. Having always had plans to expand the business, it was simply the timing and location that needed to align. And that it did.

Walking in off the busy streets, where horns are honking wildly and youve just managed to not get hit by a taxi, a sense of calm and tranquility gently sweeps over your poor tired body that has probably been up since 5am to catch a train. The smooth smell of freshly ground Caff Aurora coffee beans flood your nostrils and lead you over to the friendly faces behind the counter at Crema At The Garden. Youll notice at least one of the owners is there at all times to guarantee the highest quality of service, coffee, and food no matter the day of the week. Ensuring each and every one of their customers feels welcomed is of the highest value to Jason and Leo, and it shows through their naturally warm personalities.

Grab your coffee and freshly made brekky and lift those tired eyes upwards (carefully now, the sun streams in through the huge surrounding windows gloriously) and youll notice dazzling palm trees strung with festoon lights are encompassing the eating area. Choosing a place to sit wont be hard as the options are endless. If theres one thing we know, its that you dont want to start your day, or spend your lunch break, in a dark, cramped room breathing in the next guys B.O. stronger than the scent of your own coffee. No chance of that here. The eating area is bright, airy, with high ceilings and full of actual real-life plants.

So, whats on the menu you ask? Well when we say that theyve covered all bases, we really mean it. Being a patisserie, one might assume that only the sweeter, sometimes options would be available. You would be wrong. You want a tasty omelet with fillings of your choice, or some good old eggs and bacon served with delicious additions such as caramelised onion, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes and feta (just to name a few) for breakfast? You got it! Of course you can also keep it classic by ordering their sourdough toast, croissants, or bagels. Or try one of their brand new acai bowls (see, covering all grounds)!


Moving onto lunch, youll find various freshly made wraps lining their generous window display with delicious meaty fillings such as salmon and chicken schnitzel. These are set alongside many other options such as their latest lunch addition, the burek, which is a Macedonian pastry with fillings such as spinach and cheese. These are selling like hotcakes, the guys tell us!

And as for the original heroes, the cakes and sweets, well they really speak for themselves looking fine enough to be served in Paris itself. These, paired with delicious coffee, are really what set Crema At The Garden apart. Its not often you can find a gourmet cake, slice or tart and a smooth blend of coffee in the one place, but look no further.

But wait, theres more! This trusty team also offers catering, most commonly for office parties, with an abundance of their pastries presented beautifully as a platter (and theyll deliver straight to your nearby building) and customers can grab a menu in store or opt to have it emailed out! On top of that, are services offering whole cake option for birthdays and boxes of take-home sweets which are made to order! Not bad, huh?

Crema is ticking all the boxes in our opinion. Excellent food and coffee, long standing staff (which says A LOT about a company in this field), and regular customers returning 2 or 3 times a day, are all clear indications of a well-run, hearty, and passionate business. Thanks for bringing a delightful haven into the heart of a busy city, fellas.

Crema At The Garden

Shop F07/1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000 |9251 9597



Service Type
Patisserie and Cafe
Provider Name
Crema At The Garden,
Shop F07/1 O'Connell Street, Sydney,New South Wales (NSW )-2000,
Telephone No.9251 9597
Crema At The Garden will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also your need for a mid-week escape (even if it is just for half an hour over lunch).


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