When you imagine the businesses of the future, there are a few criteria that come to mind.

A business that is paperless, with flawless integration between the physical premises and online store, cloud-access to every single product catalogue, and interactive digital touch display in-store.

You may think that such a business model is not viable for a few years yet, or that a global electronics chain could pioneer a business that is so technologically advanced.

Welcome to the future!


Steve Smith of Dee Why in New South Wales runs a modest machinery store called Allmowers.

Stocking a huge range of machinery for everyone from the weekend handyman and gardener to the toughest tradie, Steve has builtAllmowers into a leading enterprise known and trusted by the locals since the company was established in 1959.

Aside from building his business into the go-to regional destination for all handyman and tradesman machinery, Steve has also created his own virtual network.

Born of necessity, Steve created a virtual network to help operate his business after a succession of letdowns from unreliable employees.

Nicknamed the A-brain, Steves virtual network links between smartphones, touchscreen tablets and even a three-metre wall-mounted touch screen in-store.



Enabling customers to browse through infinite products, brochures, demo videos and QR codes linked to an online shopping cart, the A-brain lets customers browse and order products in a similar way to the self-serve at McDonalds restaurants.

With the creation of his A-brain virtual network, Steve has not only increased the sales for his business but also increased the enjoyment of the shopping experience for his customers.

Its more efficient, makes less mistakes, and less frustration, theyre the main benefits, he says.

In an industry with many spare parts, updated models and new products, the time spent updating product brochures and correcting wrong inputs is all wasted time and wasted money.


With even the older generation warming to Steves new digital technology, Steve keeps his customers coming back with one simple method.

Theres always something new. Everyone comes back saying: I love coming in here, theres always something new,” Steve explains.

You want people to walk away from your business saying Wow, thats unbelievable.

With a huge customer-centric focus, the ease of use of Steves A-brain technology has seen profits rise, popularity increase and frustration with order mistakes decrease.

In addition to the in store technology, Steves Allmowers operates entirely paper-free.

Saving him approximately $300 per week, this paperless proprietary is more cost-efficient, time-efficient and environmentally friendly.

But perhaps more impressive than his futuristic business setup is Steves philosophical outlook on life.

If you give in life, you have everything. If you just take in life, you have nothing. Steve states.


With a host of customer loyalty programs and instore cashback discounts aimed at giving back to his local community, Steve believes his positive approach to tech savvy-business has sheltered him through the tough times and helped him weather the storms.

Its about giving something back, you know, he said.

If youre a giver, your foundations are strong because you have all these people youve given to holding you up from underneath.

And perhaps its this mantra, which is the real standard for businesses of the future.



5 South Creek Road, Dee Why NSW 2099 | (02) 9982 8574

Mon – Fri 7:30am – 5:00pm | Sat 8:30am- 2pm | Sun CLOSED

Steve Smith
Job Title
Allmowers Dee Why
5 South Creek Road,
Dee Why, New South Wales (NSW), 2099


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