We get familiar with Melbourne Classic, Operator 25.

Imagine waking up around 11 am. Youre exhausted after a big night out, and all you want is some good food. Its too late for breakfast and too early for lunch – so whats a hangry person to do? This situation was all too familiar for nightclub manager Randy Dhamanhuri. He saw a gap in the brunch-less market and decided to move in, along with ex-Bacash Restaurant head chef Valerie Fong. When Randy launched Operator 25 in 2013, he set the standard for brunch culture to the city and pioneered an iconic trend in the Melbourne CBD – the rest is history.

096a2447Nearly four years later, in a city now saturated with cafes, Operator 25 still reigns supreme. So whats the secret to its success? Its Simple. Good coffee and good food. Randy and his team are serious about delivering a great Melbourne brunch experience. And yeah, theyre pretty damn good at it.

The classic on Operators distinctly Asian-fusion brunch menu is the Balinese Pork Burger. Created and approved by Randys Balinesebusiness partner Gede Karilo, this monster sandwich features Balinese marinated pork, fried egg, chilli mayo, crispy shallots, coriander, cabbage and carrot slaw all stacked on a brioche bun. Seriously good!

The venue is a reflection of Operator 25s dedication to detail and commitment to hard work. Fully embracing the history of the building, which housed Melbournes first switchboard, Randy and his crew have strung phone lines up to form a funky ceiling. The place also features witty phrases on the walls and uses phone-themed decor to create lots of talking points and a warm atmosphere.

The same thought and care put into the decor is carried over into the food and drink as well. Always a leader, and never a follower, these guys were using matcha way before it exploded on the Melbourne food scene. Their signature Matcha Hotcakes (soon to be Matcha Waffles) come beautifully balanced with grilled pears, berry sauce, vanilla cream, macadamia, dark chocolate and freeze dried raspberry. Whenmatcha became a huge food trend – Operator 25 only grew in popularity – and was a huge turning point for the business.


This place is a real quintessential Melbourne brunch experience. If you have any doubts as to why you should go (or go back) to Operator 25 as soon as possible, just go. Seriously, it wont disappoint.

Operator 25

Website: operator25.com.au

Phone:(03) 9670 3278

Address: 25 Wills St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Service Type
Brunch Cafe
Provider Name
Operator 25,
25 Wills St, Melbourne VIC 3000,Melbourne,Victoria-3000,
Telephone No.(03) 9670 3278
We get familiar with Melbourne Classic, Operator 25, in an interview with Randy Dhamanhuri, owner of the uber popular brunch spot.


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