Peter Nolan is hard to catch these days. The former PGA pro-golfer turned co-owner of an X-Golf franchise, is busy. The fast spreading sports simulation experience has just landed in Geelong, Pt Lonsdale, and Mornington adding a 4th, 5th, and 6th Victorian venue to the ever-expanding network. The doors opened in December for Mornington and Lonsdale, and late January for Geelong, He says, And we are thrilled to be taking the X-Golf experience to new areas around the coast, where passionate golfers are thick on the ground!

The X-Golf idea was hatched 6 years ago when Nolans friend Ben Styles, a golf shop owner and professional golfer, asked him to help punters improve their game using his new in-store simulator. Nolan says, The simulator proved to be wildly popular and we saw an opportunity to expand the concept into a total entertainment experience. The idea clicked right away, with people loving the mix of friendly competition with a genuine opportunity to improve their game (while enjoying a drink or two at the same time)! Weve been so well received in Victoria, Nolan says, proudly. Weve really proved ourselves and established a community around us which is really rewarding.

The realism of the X-Golf simulation experience is a huge part if its appeal, and its something that Nolan and his team constantly work to improve. A recent upgrade to optimise their technology has now blurred the line between reality and virtual reality more than ever. Nolan says, Its just incredible what X-Golf players can experience now. Weve upgraded all our technology recently and the simulators can detect even the slightest spin on the ball. Players can also change wind conditions and adjust the difficulty of games. It means the experience can be catered to absolutely any level of skill.

Also exciting for players is the chance to tee-off at some of the most prestigious and exclusive courses in the world. Were really proud of the courses we can offer players, Nolan enthuses. X-Golf international has painstakingly mapped, meter-by-meter 15 U.S courses and 5 Australian ones. And we have over 40 premier courses from Korea and Japan. That means that the experience is as close to the real thing as you can get, minus the strict codes of conduct and attire! Personally I love the idea that someone can rock up to X-Golf in their jeans, order a drink and some food, and play Pebble Beach with their 10 year old! says Nolan.

And thats really what X-Golf is all about for Nolan and the team getting people involved in the sport minus some of the intimidating customs and expensive memberships. The no-barriers approach is a hit with players who love to see the gentlemans game get a bit of a make-over. Nolan says, Believe me, I still love getting out on the green for real and seeing the purists at it on the weekend. But X-Golf opens the sport up to a whole new audience its relaxed and social and the weather is always great!

X-Golf Geelong

138 Fyans St, South Geelong 3220 | (03) 5223 1918 |

X-Golf Mornington

1/177 Mornington Tyabb Road, Mornington 3931 | (0459 780 914 |

X-Golf Lonsdale

69 Fellows Road, Point Lonsdale 3225 | (03) 5258 1955 |

X-Golf Expands to Geelong, Point Lonsdale & Mornington
X-Golf Expands to Geelong, Point Lonsdale & Mornington
The fast spreading sports simulation experience, X-Golf has just landed in Geelong, Pt Lonsdale, and Mornington adding a 4th, 5th, and 6th Victorian venue to the ever-expanding network.
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