Youve surely heard of Lune. You know, the croissanterie based in a converted warehouse along Rose St, Fitzroy that experiences crazy lines out its door almost every day. Well if you havent youll be sure to hear about it now.

Founder and croissant extraordinaire, Kate Reid began Lune out of a tiny bakery in Elwood, before turning big time and moving over to Fitzroy. But dont be fooled, Reid hasnt always been a budding pastry chef. Beginning her career in the Formula One Industry, Reid spent five years studying at University to become a qualified aerospace engineer. Opening a croissanterie was definitely not on the agenda.

So how did her plans change? Reids travels as an aerospace engineer lead her to some incredible places, including France. As fate would put it, a few years later she visited Paris to seek out a change of direction. She went on to work under Christophe Vasseur, the famous pastry chef at Du Pain et des Idees. Returning home, Reid wished to recreate all that she had learned, but this idea was quickly challenged. The environment and local ingredients are so different here in Melbourne, and recreating the perfect french croissant wasnt going to be easy.

Since then, Reids brother Cameron joined to make up the brother and sister duo. Creating the perfect Lune croissant involves a three-day process. The technical element of these croissants is something french pastry chefs have travelled the world to see. Today, these siblings see increasing fame. If you are to visit Lune at Rose Street on any given morning you are almost always guaranteed to be met with a long queue, sometimes surpassing the corner.

In 2016, a New York Times Article announced Lune could possibly be producing the best croissants in the world. After experiencing these croissants first-hand, all of us here at Postcoder would have to agree.

This month, Postcoder were able to score tickets to the famed Lune Lab, a coffee and croissant degustation that usually sells out within minutes of tickets going on sale. Priced at $60, we had been told that this would be an experience like no other. Lune Lab consists of a three course meal. It begins with a classic croissant, followed by something a little more savoury, and topped off with a dessert-styled creation. Ultimately the Lab is used by the siblings as an opportunity to play and experiment with different ideas and concepts.

Our experience began at the private seated area facing the famed Lune Lab, where the croissant masterpieces are created. Here we were seated directly opposite the Reid siblings working in the climate controlled glass cube (used to monitor the temperature at which the pastry sets), carefully measuring out the cheese and ham that was to make their famed Ham & Gruyere Croissant.

Unlimited coffee and hot chocolate orders awaited us as we watched. We began our morning with the traditional croissant, served precisely 10 minutes after leaving the oven. An entire tray was brought over, allowing us to choose whether we would prefer a slightly softer or crunchier texture. Still warm, this perfect consistency of butter and flake left our taste buds in absolute bliss. As the first course finished, another coffee order was taken whilst we awaited the much hyped savoury dish.

Ten minutes passed before we were met with a greeny goodness in the form of zucchini and goats cheese. This perfect danish was filled with a goat curd mousse, preserves and pickled zucchini. On top of this was fresh zucchini salad with basil mint and fennel, toasted buckwheat and basil oil. Sounds a little overwhelming? Well, somehow all the flavours work, and this creation came together to form the freshest pastry youll ever taste.

By the end of this course we were all struggling. But there was no way we would be able to resist the dessert plate finale. This months dessert at Lune Lab was a croissant bread and butter pudding french toast, tossed in vanilla sugar. Accompanying this was a house cultured creme, and a blackberry and balsamic sauce compote.

Every course served to you at Lune Lab will be accompanied with a chef describing the backstory to each creation. We are told the French Toast creation has been inspired from Reids mother, Judy. At the end of each day Judy would ask for any leftover croissants. She would freeze these to then use in her bread and butter pudding recipe. We are told that she would cook the pudding for 1.5 hours, set it overnight, before it was portioned and fried in a huge amount of butter. As one guest, Kimmy, described the dessert, Every bite into this clogs up my arteries with buttery eggy goodness. Honestly, we couldnt have summed up this whole experience better if we tried.

Lune Labis not for the faint hearted, nor for those who like to count their calories. But if you are ready for a food experience like no other then we recommend trying to score a spot. Tickets for April and May Lune Labs will be released on the 27th March at 7:30pm. Link here.

And whats more, news has it that Lune Croissanterie will be expanding to the CBD soon with a takeaway shop. Now wouldnt that be a dreamy work pitstop!

Photo Credit: Kimmy Liew

Lune Croissanterie

Monday – 7:30am – 3pm or Sold Out

Tuesday – 7:30am – Midday (Take Away Only)

Wednesday 7:30am – Midday (Take Away Only)

Thursday 7:30am – 3pm or Sold Out

Friday 7:30am – 3pm or Sold Out

Saturday 8am – 3pm or Sold Out

Sunday 8am – 3pm or Sold Out

119 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065 | (03) 9419 2320 |

An Out Of This World Experience at Lune Lab
An Out Of This World Experience at Lune Lab
Youve surely heard of Lune, the croissanterie based in a converted warehouse along Rose St, Fitzroy that opens to long lines of eager customers daily.
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