Brunswick has become a beautifully creative place. Makers of all sorts have set up shop in the 3056 and as a result, residents have access to countless creative learning opportunities.

Were particularly excited about Entity Workshop. Its Brunswicks woodworking hub, founded by Salvador Morales. If you follow Entity on Instagram, youll see Sal whipping up stunning hardwood snare drums and household furniture with ease. Hes incredibly gifted, both as a designer and a technical woodworker.

The educational side of Entity offers one-on-one woodworking classes with Sal. For $25/hour, the two of you will get to work on whatever piece you want to make. You can go in with a detailed idea about the finished piece or you can start with general direction and go from there. Sal and his students finish gorgeous desks, coffee tables, shelves and more in a matter of hours, so youll actually end up with something to show for the time and crazy-reasonable hourly rate.

Alternatively, you can go into the session with a restoration project in mind. You could spruce up a run-down piece you found on the side of the road or repurpose a piece into something more useful. Sal and a student recently transformed the students ragged 1930s radio into a gorgeous liquor cabinet thats the sort of creativity that Sal loves to get stuck into!

Entity is also known for their sustainable practices. Sal exclusively uses recycled wood, including oak, jarrah, timber, mahogany and more. Some of the wood is sourced from recycled wood suppliers, but Sal enjoys salvaging whenever he can. Hes been known to turn the neck of an old guitar into a line of gorgeous wooden pendants.

Design-wise, Sal is inspired. Years ago, he worked as a reptile and fish keeper and the interesting shapes and patterns of those animals has always been an aesthetic influence for him. Hes also not afraid to mix woods, creating beautiful patterns of contrasting tones between light and dark wood.


Entity Workshop

4a Ballarat Road, Brunswick 3056

To book your one-on-one woodworking session with Sal, email and follow Entity Workshop at and

Woodworking with Brunswicks Best
Entity Workshop, Brunswicks woodworking hub founded by Salvador Morales, offers one-on-one woodworking classes for anyone keen to get creative.
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