Brunswick West. The land of big front yards, long streets and some very good food! Weve put together a list of four great feeds in Brunswick West, ranging from sweet treats to top notch sushi. Go get yourself some grub then head home the long way to take in some of those Brunny West sights.


Filimex Asian Store & Caf

From the outside, Filimex looks like a little Asian grocery store. Probably because thats what it is! But its also the home of Brunswick Wests most delicious sushi. At Filimex, they make their sushi by hand and they make it by the book. Its super fresh and always scrumptious; perfect for lunch on the go or a little snack while you do your shopping.

229 Melville Road, Brunswick West VIC 3055 |(03) 9386 2948


Lankan Tucker

The hood is lucky to have a place like Lankan Tucker. They get super creative with their modern Sri Lankan menu, offering brekkie and brunch dishes that fuse traditional Sri Lankan flavours with Aussie staples. We love the Lankan Delight but that doesnt make us special because everybody loves it!

486 Albion St, Brunswick West VIC 3055 | (03) 9386 8248


Lolo and Wren

Another popular Brunswick West pick is Lolo and Wren. Not only have they delighted locals, theyve also racked up a long list of awards, including Top 10 Best New Caf, Top 10 Destination Caf, 25 Must-Eat Breakfasts and more. They love all things artisan with Milawa chicken, local cheeses and fresh Aussie produce featuring heavily on this lovely cafs delectable menu.

484 Albion Street, Brunswick West VIC 3055


The Village Bakery

This neighbourhood bakery was founded 17 years ago, making it one of the oldest eateries in the area. Owner Damian comes from a long line of bakers, so he began honing his craft from childhood. Today, The Village Bakery is a-bustle with Brunswick West locals every day of the week. Head here for doughnuts and other sweets, a loaf of crusty bread, golden sausage rolls, savoury pastries and more. You wont be the only person strolling the streets of Brunswick West with an armload of baked good from The Village!

38 Grantham St, Brunswick West VIC 3055 |(03) 9388 8996


Feature image credit: Lankan Tucker

Four Fave Feeds in Brunswick West
Weve put together a list of four of the greatest feeds in Brunswick West, ranging from sweet treats to top notch sushi. Enjoy!
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