Melbourne needed something like Welcome to Thornbury. So when it opened, we were just like, Yes, this feels right. Its the citys first permanent food truck park and bar and any copycats that pop up will have a tough act to follow. Welcome To Thornbury have the whole truck stop thing figured out and here are five things that prove it.


#1 It’s a Melting Pot

Youll see all sorts at Welcome to Thornbury and we find that refreshing. There are couples on dates, big groups of friends, families with kids in tow, young teens adorably giddy with the freedom of being out without their parents, birthday parties and heaps more. In a city somewhat riddled with pretence, Welcome to Thornbury actually does make everybody feel welcome.


#2 The Layout is Perfection

The WTT team clearly put a lot of thought into how this hub-bub of street food would be set up for maximum enjoyment. Theyve fit a lot of seating into the park, with built-in bench seating, cubes and low tables for the outdoor area and bar tables plus huge booths for the indoor space. Even though their capacity is high (around 700 people), it never feels too crowded to weave around freely.


#3 Palm and Plant Action

The designers counter-acted the concrete ground with an abundance of leafy life. Palm trees tower above and ferny foliage lines the fence of the WTT park. It makes visitors feel like their hanging out in a park pop-up rather than a carpark.


#4 Food Truck Curation

WTT know that despite their on-point plants, lovely layout and diversity, the food is what people come for. They partner quality food trucks and always plan their rotating roster with a focus on keeping the culinary line-up varied and interesting. Check their website for monthly food truck calendars!


#5 Cocktail Jugs

Not only do they make a mean cocktail behind the WTT bar, they make those cocktails so giant that they must be served in a jug. Get your group to go in on a jug of sangria, High Street Punch, Aperol Spritz, Pimms Cup, Monte Mule or a Winter Fling. Theyre $35, theyre delicious and they look great in photos (#welcometothornbury)!


Welcome to Thornbury

520 High St, Northcote 3070 |(03) 9020 7940

Monday – Friday From 5pm

Saturday From 12pm

Sunday From 12pm

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5 Reasons to Go to Welcome to Thornbury
Its the citys first permanent food truck park and bar and any copycats will have a tough act to follow. Here's 5 reason why we love Welcome to Thornbury.
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