You have to work just a little bit harder to find the best coffee spots in Coburg.

Unlike its neighbouring suburbs, this northern land isnt bursting with cafes devoted to the craft of the cuppa. Before you hit the streets, blindly searching for the towns top bean-masters, take a look at our list. Weve approached the Coburg map divide-and-conquer style to bring you the best coffees in the burg.


True North

2a Munro Street, Coburg

True North has a distinct Americana vibe and you can get your cuppa fix two ways. They do bottomless mugs of filter coffee, which means theyll keep refilling your mug until you leave or a loved one intervenes. And they do coffees of the usual varieties with beautifully bitter Supreme beans. If you take your coffee with food, order a Tex Mex brekky, Reuben sandwich or 5 & Dime bagel topped with something tasty.


Little Deer Tracks

44 O’Hea Street, Coburg

This little gem is tucked away on OHea Street, not far from where the trackside bike path crosses over OHea. Their bean of choice comes from Kites Rise Roasters and produces a rich, full flavour. If youre hungry, grab a table and say oheaaaa to their menu of vegetarian fare with an Italian lean.


Glass Den

15 Urquhart Street, Coburg

When you walk in, give yourself a minute to enjoy the surrounds. This stunning space was converted from the former Pentridge Prison reception building, complete with original bluestone, rustic fixtures, giant windows and hanging ferns. They brew with St. Ali beans, a popular choice across Melbourne for a predictably smooth and satisfying coffee.


Eastern Bloc

133 Bell Street, Coburg

Eastern Bloc is a go-to for Coburg commuters heading to the train station. Its a one-minute walk from the train and theyre quick as can be. They use Allpress Supremo, a top grade Arabica bean that doesnt divide coffee-drinkers. Pair that with something tasty from their selection of Eastern European fare and youll be feeling tip-top.


Two Monks

350 Sydney Road, Coburg

This place does coffee the traditional Italian way. Two Monks baristas work their magic with Antico coffee beans, uniquely slow-roasted with machinery imported from Italy. Its an easy place to hang out bright, cheery, bustling and centrally located on Sydney Road. Be sure to try one of their homemade treats if you want something sweet between sips.


By Contributor Joanne Power

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Coburg
Weve approached the Coburg map divide-and-conquer style to bring you the best coffees in the burg.
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