If youre considering a coffee crawl, do it in Carlton. Our top five Carlton coffee spots arent just cafs theyre international bean scouts, micro-roasters, baristas and purveyors. You know how you like coffee? Well, the people behind these places live coffee.


The Vertue of the Coffee Drink

8 Raffa Pl, Carlton 3053 | (03) 8060 6987

Dont be alarmed by the strange spelling this cafs name is borrowed from the first known coffee advertisement, published in London in 1652. This micro-roastery keeps thing simple by sourcing top quality beans, roasting them to perfection and serving coffee without pretence. The antique advert says that coffee should be taken as hot as can be endured but without fetching skin off the mouth but were happy to report that The Vertue of the Coffee Drink serves it at an absolutely reasonable drinking temperature.



60 Pelham St, Carlton 3053 |0430 263 333

Theyre more of a shop than a caf, but theres a communal table for those that want to sit in and sip. The Assembly team does heaps of research to source coffee beans that are interesting, delicious and ethically-produced. They then partner with local roasters to get the beans all toasty and brown and ready to drink.


Market Lane

176 Faraday St, Carlton 3053 |(03) 9804 7434

Market Lane does everything but grow the beans. They work with fair trade farmers around the world to bring Melbourne the best of the seasons beans, which they then roast and brew themselves. Market Lane isnt so much a caf as it is a converted storeroom with a window on the street, but its too good to leave off the list. And because youre a delightful human inside and out, you should treat yourself to a croissant from the adjoining bakery, D. Chirico.


Seven Seeds

114 Berkeley Street, Carlton 3053 |(03) 9347 8664

The Seven Seeds crew roasts beans every damn day. Those beans, however, change all the time. Seven Seeds takes a seasonal approach to coffee, sourcing beans from around the world to make the most of beans as they hit peak quality in various locations throughout the year. If you cant put your finger on why a Seven Seeds coffee is so good, that might be why.


Vincent the Dog

348 Drummond St, Carlton 3053 |(03) 9348 2068

Its clear from the moment you walk in that the folks at Vincent the Dog are serious about coffee, but they still make it fun. Their coffee menu is technical but written with so much cheek and personality that it doesnt come off as pretentious. Unlike most of the cafs on our list, V the D doesnt roast their own beans, but they source their coffee carefully and serve it expertly.

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Carlton
If youre considering a coffee crawl, do it in Carlton. Our top five Carlton coffee spots arent just cafs they live and breath coffee.
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