Where you study has a huge impact on how you study. If you study somewhere with a productive vibe, youll get more done. We love the Carlton hood around Melbourne University its packed with places to get your study on. Its hard to name just four favourites, but these are our current picks for the best Carlton cafes for killer study sessions.


Mantra Lounge

This spot has always been a favourite of students for their excellent coffee and delicious vegan fare. But since refurbishing their upstairs gallery, its become a second home to students of all sorts. The upstairs space is set up with comfy couches for relaxed research and tables for study sessions that need some room to sprawl. People have been known to come for lunch and stay all the way through dinner because they work so well in the Mantra Lounge surrounds.

167 Grattan St, Carlton 3053 |(03) 9036 2996



Stovetop is a great place to study and an even better place to study and snack. Their coffee is beautiful, the sweet pastries are baked daily and the noise level is but a hum. Most of their tables are small, but theyll be fine for a solo sesh. If youre working on a group project (good luck to you), hopefully you can score a spot at one of the larger surfaces.

100 Leicester St, Carlton 3053 |(03) 9347 2010


Porcelain Tea Parlour

Studying at Porcelain Tea Parlour is like studying at home but better! Its better because lovely humans serve you fragrant tea in stunning porcelain pots while you study. The wi-fi signal is strong, the climate is productive and youll love the expansive selection of fine teas and edibles.

149 Elgin St, Carlton VIC 3053 |0411 828 670


Queensberry Pour House

Queensberry Pour House has become famous for its bottomless filter coffee. Its true theyll charge you a few bucks for an unlimited amount of coffee. This is one of the things that makes it a favourite with students, but locals also love their healthy eats, wi-fi and delightful staff. The QPH team puts a lot of emphasis on making people feel at home, so you wont feel weird hanging around for a while!

210 Queensberry St, Carlton 3053 |(03) 9347 1277

Top 4 Study Spots Near Melbourne Uni
If you study somewhere with a productive vibe, youll get more done. We love the Carlton hood near Melbourne University, here's a few good spots to study!
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