People have been talking about how “up-and-coming” Preston is for quite some time. But as far as we’re concerned, Preston officially arrived when it got its own microbrewery. Tallboy and Moose brought craft brew culture to the area and we love them for it.

The operation was founded by two pals, Steve (he’s tall) and Dan (he’s Canadian). Once they set up shop on Raglan Street, it didn’t take long for word to spread about their setup. The brewery is housed in a spacious warehouse but very little of it is dedicated to brewing equipment. The duo keeps things small with just three tanks tucked into the corner. Tallboy and Moose believe small batch is best because freshness is their focus; if you keep the batches tiny, you brew more often and you deliver a fresher beer.

The rest of the warehouse is for hanging out. There are tables and chairs, a toy area for kiddos and, of course, the bar. The Tallboy and Moose bar is fitted with eight taps, with four pouring the brewery’s own beers and four spouting out scrumptious creations from other brewers. The in-house bevs are on the smooth side – they’re delicious and easy to drink – while the guest beers are handpicked for their bolder, more hardcore attributes.

Tallboy and Moose don’t do food but they do encourage eating on-site. Food trucks sometimes park out front on the weekends or you can get food delivered from one of the many local eateries. Alternatively, you can bring your own grub!

You’ll see people of all ages hanging out at Tallboy and Moose. At its core, it’s a relaxed, neighbourhood place that happens to produce a darn good beer.


Tallboy and Moose

270 Raglan St, Preston VIC 3072 | (03) 9484 7803 |


Service Type
Provider Name
Tallboy and Moose,
270 Raglan Street,Preston,Victoria-3072,
Telephone No.03 9484 7803
Tallboy and Moose is the microbrewery serving up fresh, small batch, craft beer to the Preston area.


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