Youll know it as the comedy featuring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, but thirteen years on, dodgeball has grown into a competitive sport full of camaraderie and friendly banter. We talk to dodgeball player Tom Leis, about the sport, the competition and (most importantly) the after game beers.

Its a game that may bring back memories of being pelted by a rubber ball in a high school gym while your classmates laughed, but for Sydney team Super Smash Balls, dodgeball is anything but aggressive.


Dodgeball Sydney is New South Wales biggest league and is making a splash in the local sports scene – and Super Smash Balls player Tom Leis says its a game thats built primarily on teamwork and sportsmanship.

A community that caters for all levels of skills Sydneys Dodgeball scene is a welcoming and enthusiastic on and off the courts. Sometimes you find a little nemesis for the game, but its all in good fun, Says Leis. We might be temporary enemies, but were all enjoying a beer after the game.

While dodgeball is a sport thats taken seriously by its league players, Leis says its the social aspect that convinced him and his friends to establish their team. While the higher divisions are quite intense, the lower divisions are more about having fun and having a laugh, Says Leis. Going out for a beer afterwards is one of the reasons we made the team”.


img_5175Post game; Beer is the beverage of choice, with Leis stating its the lower alcohol options on offer that make it a great after-ball drink. After a game, you really dont want to be hitting hard alcohol, explains Tom. Beer is definitely a lighter and more social option. Its great to get together as a team and de-brief with a beer after a game.

While Leis and the Super Smash Balls consider themselves competitive players, he says after game beers are considered well earned and are sold at the venues bar. Its a moderation thing, and it doesnt affect your performance if youre having one or two beers to unwind after a hard game. Its a social sport, and its a social beer.

Most beers are on average 99.9% sugar-free and preservative-free like Hahn Super Dry or James Boags Premium. Its this sort of draw card that keeps beer at the top of the post-game beverage list its versatile and mid-strength options give drinkers the option to reduce calorie intake compared to full strength alternatives. Plus, theres a beer for everyone.


We all have our preferences, says Leis. Personally, I like a good honest lager. That said, though; well often go for the jug on special. Were a team after all. For Leis and the team, James Squires 150 Lashes is a favourite. Its refreshing and easy drinking, says Leis.

Beers are an integral part of sports culture, and when enjoyed in moderation, can also be a part of a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle. Team sports and beers go hand in hand so get your mates together, join a team and enjoy a well-earned ale.

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Super Smash Balls "A True Underdog Story
Dodgeball Sydney is New South Wales biggest league and is making a splash in the local sports scene. We talk to dodgeball player Tom Leis, about the game.
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