The Brighton postcode would have to be one of Melbournes most coveted thanks to its grand old homes and tree lined streets. The burb simply oozes old world charm. But you dont have to live in Brighton to enjoy what the area has to offer! Bay Street is chock full glam shops that mean you can take a piece of Brighton home with you! Today Postcoder hits the strip to take in the arty offerings.


Colour Clash Studio

Be quick or you might miss this pop up gallery! Set inside a warehouse space, Colour Clash Studio sells affordable pieces of wall art starting at $299. And as the name suggests, the work is not of the quiet variety expect loud, brash and look at me work that practically shouts from the walls!

73 Bay Street, Brighton 3186


MSG Gallery

MSG Gallery is the brainchild of artist Maurice Golotta. The gallery is a space for him to show his own work and that of other artists. And with an eye for the colourful, fun and abstract, the art on sale is usually popping with energy.

126 Bay Street, Brighton 3186



Tuccibrown is an adorable caf slash boutique that offers lattes alongside coffee table books perfect, right? Youll also find a selection of spot on kids books, journals and notebooks for when your own bolt of design inspirations hits!

268 Bay St, Brighton 3186


Vintage Rose

Even if you dont rock a retro look or care for circle skirts in your everyday life, a trip to Vintage Rose will delight you nonetheless! Rosie, owner at Vintage Rose, has racks full of vintage style frockery and matching frippery (like millinery and jewelry). But she also offers a bespoke service should you wish to get your Grace Kelly on for a special occasion!

367 Bay Street, Brighton 3186


Pash Flowers & Homewares

Pash Flowers is one of those floristry shops its very hard to leave. With a wall of fresh flowers on one side of the shop and pretty little things filling the remaining walls, there are just so many things to covet! And while Pash doesnt go in for a whole lot of homewares (think a refined collection of welcome mats, plant pots and candles), youre sure to find some perfect pieces that youll have to swipe the card for!

403 Bay Street, Brighton 3186

Stylish Stops on Bay Street in Brighton
This burb simply oozes old world charm and Bay Street is chock full glam shops that mean you can take a piece of Brighton home with you!
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