Wander down a couple winding backstreets off Victoria Street, and youll come across a funky cafe tucked into a new modern industrial office complex. With a sunny outdoor area and a stylish interior, this cafe exudes welcoming community vibes. Order a coffee and settle into the comfy couches under the urban garden, or maybe take a meeting at one of the polished concrete tables. If you glance at a menu, youll notice the classic caf dishes (the Science Lab muesli bowl and the Teachers Pet smashed avo) have a distinct schoolyard theme to their names.

Welcome to Ternary Tuckshop.


TT owner, David Kahan, is a total foodie. With 20 years of successful catering experience under his belt and a mechanical safari animal riding business on the side, its no wonder Davids latest venture is a charming cafe with a playful menu and out-of-this-world coffee.


The [espresso] machine is like a spaceship, he says describing their Synesso MVP machine. The futuristic device is all-digital, so Ternary Tuckshops got the perfect cup of coffee down to a science. Using 5 Senses as their primary roaster, David explains that their Tightrope blend can be quite polarising– theres a sweet ‘n’ sour aftertaste to the coffee, which is really nice black but requires extra attention when made with milk. Luckily, barista extraordinaire, Connor, is a pro at extracting the beans in just the right way. After opening in July and experimenting for a few months, David says the coffee is absolutely at its best – and we can confirm its pretty stellar.

The food at Ternary Tuckshop is vibrant, fresh, and quirky. Not to mention tasty. The adult-tuckshop theme is apparent in the menu, which features the aptly named A Plus Acai Smoothie Bowl. If youre after lunch, theres some on-the-run takeaway salads and sandwiches or the Tuckshop Burger made with Wagyu Beef and thick-cut bacon is a popular option.


This year the cafe is taking the Tuckshop theme to the next level – patrons will be able to order their meals ahead and pick up their lunch in a brown paper bag, an extra fun and convenient option for employees in the surrounding offices. But its not all sausage rolls and chocolate milk here. The Tuckshop will also be getting their liquor license and offering adult beverages with lunch, plus after work tapas and drinks.

If you like fresh food, strong coffee, a vibrant atmosphere, and friendly service or just feel like being transported back to your childhood, check out Ternary Tuckshop. This cafe may be a new kid on the block, but they’re coming in the top of the class.


Ternary Tuckshop

7/3 Bromham Pl, Richmond VIC 3121

Opening Hours: M-F 7:30-4:00pm

Richmond's New Kid on the Block: Ternary Tuckshop
If you like fresh food, strong coffee, a vibrant atmosphere, and friendly service or just feeling like a kid again, check out Ternary Tuckshop.
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