We’ve picked out the 10 items your bound to need at some point overseas.

Its the same scenario every time. The day you’redue to take off somewhere, you’rerunning around the house trying to remember everything you need to bring referring to a just-downloaded packing app for assistance, hoping you dont forget to bring anything essential. However,there’s alwaysthose less-common basics that are the weird little life-savers. Here are a few essentials that maymake your overseas adventure, that little bit cruiser.


Power Board

The year we discovered this trick, our lives became a great deal easier. If you’re overseas for business, it’s going to save you some stress. Pack a couple of twist ties for any top-bunk/ working on a bus situations that might see you needing to hang your power board and youve pretty much created your own portable power-station. It might seem a little over-board for those not carrying an abundance of electronics but for those travelling for work, carrying Go-Pros, multiple cameras and phones Its a huge time saver.

Small Med Kit

Hopefully you’relucky enough to never needthe alcohol swabs and bandages included in yourtiny med-kit but on multiple occasions you’re likely tocompletely use up a supply of Ibuprofen and sleep-aids. Include Band-Aids and second skin blister plasters for instant hero status when that poor soul who hiked in new boots asks around for help.

Sewing Kit

A few small needles, a small wheel of thread and a few safety pins can help you out in some pretty annoying situations.

Copies of Your Passport and Itinerary

The easiest solution? Upload digital copies to a shared Dropbox or Facebook album that way you have access whenever you need it (and so does your Mum). Keep a couple of spares folded up in the front of your checked-in luggage too. Hopefully youll never need it, but you never know.

Spare Pillowcase

People who have stayed in hectic hostels around the world will understand this one, no explanation needed. Sometimes you just need your own pillowcase. Also, freshly washed and tucked away its a nice reminder of home. Dont have a pillow at all? Just put the pillowcase on your backpack. There, now its a pillow. *Comfort not guaranteed.

Washing Powder

Some hostels sell it, some dont. The wilderness definitely doesnt sell it and its easy to pack in a zip-lock bag. Plus it comes inclusive of strange looks from custom officers. We dont recommend packing detergent into your carry on. You can guarantee a few weird questions if you do.


Its got to be the handiest thing. Packing at 4am trying to use your iPhone as a light without waking your fellow hostel roomies is not fun. For camping, its pretty much the best thing ever.

Compression Sacks and Vacuum Bags

Good for packing bulky winter gear on a 1 check-in item only budget. When visiting places that span 4 seasons in a matter of weeks (Um, Melbourne), these things are invaluable.

Microfiber Travel Towel

No one wants to pack a full size towel. These come in handy all the time and roll up real tight. Although most hostels (and some campsites) provide towels for hire, sometimes its handy to have one packed away for wilderness spots or the spontaneous glacier swim.

USB/ External Hard Drive

Handy for backing up and storing photos on the go when Wi-Fi is dodgy and even better for quickly trading photos, movies and music with fellowadventurers.

Ready, Set, Pack!
Traveling is an amazing but crazy experience. Here are a few travel essentials that may make your overseas adventure, that little bit cruiser.
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