You’ve got one weekend left to experience this year’s Night Noodle Markets!

Many Melbournians have long been veteran market-goers. They even have their own strategies: dessert-first, divide-and-conquer – you know the drill. After all, with major food FOMO, large crowds, and hanger all at play – this is serious business! Don’t make rookie mistakes – here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of Melbourne’s Noodle Markets this year:

Go with least 3 friends

The obvious reason for this is the more friends you bring, the more food you can share and sample. Important: if your friends don’t like sharing food, get new friends.

Get there early

Aim for 5:00 to 5:30pm at the latest. The markets will be buzzing but won’t be too crowded. After you enter, walk towards the top of the hill to the upper part of the markets.

Establish a home-base

Grab a Pimms cup and a table. Congratulations, now you’ve got a drink, a beautiful view of the whole market/the river/the sunset plus a good place for the rest of the night. You won’t have to waste time hunting for spare seats, looking for separated friends, or sitting on the ground. Go you!

Hey, if you do get there late, there is still a ton of beautiful grassy area to sit on the hill!

Grab a Mr. Miyagi Taco

Arriving early and grabbing a table in the upper part of the markets means you’re right next to the Mr. Miyagi stall and there’s no line (yet). Major win. Once you’ve ‘grammed and devoured your almost-too-beautiful-to-eat Tempura Soft Shell Crab Taco, you’re ready to take on the markets.

Hunt in Two’s

The second reason for having at least 4 of you in the group is now a couple of people can go off to hunt for the next round of food or drinks for everyone, while a couple of people hang back to keep the table and enjoy the view.

Eat in Rounds

Start with appetizers of Mr. Miyagi’s Tempura Nori Tacos and then share a trifecta of Bao from either Wonderbao or Bao Stop, you can’t go wrong either way. Stand in line for some Teppanyaki Noodle Yaki Soba. The line goes super fast and its worth the wait for some of these delicious friend noodles. Finish up with dessert from Black Star Pastry x N2 Gelato. This cake-ice cream collab brings to Melbourne the popular Strawberry Watermelon Cake all the way from Sydney. If you’re in a less-fruit, more-chocolate mood, try the Gold Mugger – warm Nutella cookie dough mug cake, chocolate hazelnut gelato, gold dusted milk crumbs, finished with whipped cream & Nutella ganache. Yep, it’s a real thing.


Birrarung Marr
Batman Avenue
Melbourne VIC 3000


Dates and times

10/11/2016 to 27/11/2016

Mon: 5pm – 9pmTue: 5pm – 9pmWed: 5pm – 10pmThu: 5pm – 10pmFri: 5pm – 11pmSat: 4pm – 10pmSun: 4pm – 9pm


Free entry; food and beverages for sale.

Get Your Noodle On
You’ve got one weekend left to get to Melbourne’s Noodle Market. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of the markets this year.
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