Coburg finally has a brilliant burger place to call its own. Pentridge Burgers lit its neon sign and opened its doors last month, bringing the buns that Coburg most desperately needed.

Nestled among a fair bit of historic prison bluestone, Pentridge Burgers owner and chef, Brad, keeps things simple with a small menu of three Classic Burgers and four Premium Burgers. The Ned gets the job done with a juicy beef patty enveloped in melted cheddar and smothered with tomato sauce and mustard. But if youre an adventurous burger-smasher, the H.P. takes things up a notch with bacon, caramelised onion, house BBQ sauce and aioli.

Sauces are clearly one of Brads strengths. He makes his own, from tangy BBQ sauces to creamy aioli with a kick. And not only does he know how to make a mean sauce, but he also knows how to combine them. Hes heavy-handed with the sauce on all of his burgers, and you wont believe how well the different dressings work together.

And the chips? They deserve their own paragraph because they are get-out-of-town good. Theyre unusually fat, fried to the perfect crunch and coated in a sensational salty herb mix. If you prefer potato of the sweeter variety, Pentridge Burgers sweet potato chips are a perfectly acceptable accompaniment to your burger spread.

Brad devised his delicious recipes with freshness and community support in mind. Pentridge Burgers opens at noon Tuesday-Sunday, but Brads day starts well before that. He spends his mornings picking up his produce from various Coburg suppliers, which he brings to the shop for his daily patty-making, sauce stewing and topping prep. We love the fact that theres a bit of the Coburg community in every bite.

Pentridge Burgers

41 Stockade Ave, Coburg 3058 |0403 530 809

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-9pm

Service Type
Provider Name
Pentridge Burgers,
41 Stockade Ave,Coburg,Victoria-3058,
Telephone No.0403 530 809
41 Stockade Ave, Coburg 3058
Coburg finally has a brilliant burger place to call its own: Pentridge Burgers lit its neon sign and opened its doors last month and its delicious.


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