Put on your big-boy pants with an elastic waistline –it’s about to get real.

Youve just had a delicious dinner in the Melbourne CBD, but the night wont be complete until youve topped it off with something sweet. Or maybe you havent had dinner for weeks, you just keep eating dessert over and over again. Either way, you could spend an hour wandering the streets looking for treats or you could consult the list below. This is a round-up of the best sweets in Melbourne city and we double-decker-doughnut-dare you not to drool as you read through.


All the Doughnuts at Doughnut Time

Minimalism and doughnuts do notmix. Doughnut Time is obviously well aware of this scientific law because their doughnuts are OTT. Their toppings are glorious and gluttonous, with ooey-gooey icing, sprinklings of this, globs of that and oh look, its a whole Oreo!


Hazelnut Hot Chocolate at Koko Black

Royal Arcade, 4/335 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Or, What You Hoped Would Happen When You Microwaved Nutella Hot Chocolate! This hot chocolate is for hardcore chocolate-lovers only. Made with dark Gianduja paste (70% dark chocolate, 30% hazelnut) and Koko Blacks own Belgian chocolate, this hot beverage should be sipped and savoured, but never skulled.


Lolly Bag Cake at LuxBite

517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Seven layers, one cake, many tears of joy. Each layer of LuxBites adorable Lolly Bag cake pays tribute to a different lolly shop favourite theres Banana Lolly Joconde, Freckles Crunch, Mandarin Jaffa Ganache, Musk Mallow and Spearmint Leaf Buttercream topped with a Redskin glaze.


All the Cupcakes at Cupcake Central

Melbourne Central, Level 2, Dining Hall, Melbourne

These cupcakes have people wondering, Is it frowned upon to transform into a black hole and absorb thousands of cupcakes at a time? Its fine to wonder that, just dont ask it aloud or youll sound crazy. Cupcake Central focuses on craftsmanship and creativity, mixing up their selection every day of the week. Look forward to flavours like pancake stack, wagon wheel, chocolate avocado and peach pie.


N2 Gelato

18 Sutherland Street, Melbourne

Gelato: its creamy, its cold, its amazingly good, you know the drill. No, you do not know the drill! N2 Gelato has made plain old amazingly good gelato and made it exciting! They use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze your gelato right in front of you. Unless youre blessed enough to have a gelato-churning Nona in your life, this is the freshest gelato gets. And the toppings? Theyre indulgent AF.


Dessert Degustation at Om Nom

187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

The Om Nom menu says, Why choose only one dessert when you can sample three? Great question, menu! Only a crazy person would settle for one dessert over three desserts. Youll be choosing your trio of bliss from dessert creations like the After 8, featuring biscuit brownies, river mint and chocolate cremeux, dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut crunch feuilletine, chocolate glaze and vanilla diplomat coated hazelnut. Oh my!

By Contributor Joanne Power

Must-Try Sweet Treats in Melbourne City
A round-up of the best sweet treats and desserts in Melbourne! We double-decker-doughnut-dare you not to drool as you read through.
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