What do you do when the temperature rises? If your answer is that you lie on the couch covered in a damp sheet watching Friends reruns, then we have a much more fun alternative! Mentone Beach is the perfect place to beat the heat. With a bustling shore side community and plenty of sand for everyone, its fabulous fun. Just check out our handy guide below for all you need to know!


How to get there

One of the best things about going to Mentone Beach is the trip there. If youre coming from the CBD, theres a snaggle of the normal city traffic to rage your way through, but once you get on to Beach Road, you have a great drive ahead. The seaside views are magnificent, and there are plenty of mansions to ogle at on the way. The alternative route involves the Nepean Highway arguably a bit quicker but lacking scenic charm for sure. Parking at the beach can be hotly contested, with paid parking on the foreshore available to the lucky few!

If youre prepared to PT, then jump on the Frankston line and jump off at Mentone. The beach is a bit of a walk, though (10-15 minutes), so dont bring the kitchen sink.

What to do

Were apparently pushing for the beach with this one! With gentle waves and cool waters, Mentone Beach isnt going to give you too many surfing opportunities. The idea here is to heat up on the sand then float around for a bit. If youre looking for excitement, though, there is a pier that you can leap off should you need an adrenaline rush.

If youve brought the kids, then you cant miss the brilliantly shaded playground in the park that runs alongside the beach. With slides, a flying fox and an insanely big hydraulic see-saw (youve got to see it, to understand it), the kids will go ape.

Meanwhile, walkers might want to take the beachside stroll that runs from Mentone to Beaumaris. With stunning views and a lovely sea breeze, its a great way to soak up the beauty the area has to offer.

Where to eat

Mentone Beachs foreshore area isnt overrun with dining options, so if you want to have your food fast then consider taking a picnic. Cant be bothered? Then Chain of Foolsis a lovely caf that is consistently good. Itakeawaywill give you a pretty good pizza to walk away with, too. But my pick is Tommy Ruff get a pack of fish and chips and return to the beach or the park for a classic lunch or dinner with views to die for.


Chain of Fools | 68 Beach Rd, Mentone 3194 |(03) 9585 5640

Itakeaway| 93a Beach Rd, Mentone, 3194 | (03) 9584 9274

Tommy Ruff | 574A Main St, Mordialloc, 3195 |(03) 9580 2525


Escape to Mentone Beach for the Day
Mentone Beach, with a bustling shore side community and plenty of sand for everyone, is fabulous fun and the perfect place for a mid-summer day trip.
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