Juliette Jones is one of those people that makes you wonder why you were so preoccupied with acquiring cooler shoelaces when you were 14 years old. This Ramsgate high school student is doing good with darn-good lemonade, bearing the name CSJ leMoNaiD.

100% of CSJ leMoNaiD profits go to a cause very close to Juliettes heart. When she was 11, her grandfather, Sam, died of Motor Neuron Disease. Its a devastating disease that affects the neurons that allow us to move different parts of the body. Without movement, muscles weaken then degenerate and eventually die. With enough cell death, the disease is ultimately fatal.

Mourning was a motivator for Juliette and within a year of her grandfathers death, she had launched her fund-raising lemonade business. Since then, shes become the youngest member of the Entrepreneur Development Program run by Jack Delosa, founder of The Entourage and BRW Young Rich List member. In fact, Jack has said, Juliette is my all-time favourite entrepreneur!

People expect kids to put their minds to school and a bit of socialising and save the contributions to society for adulthood. But Juliette believes that kids are an underrated part of the population. She says that when kids use their voice and people pay attention to it, they can change the world. And based on the $38,000 that one kid has raised for Macquarie University Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre, thats probably true.

While the cause is king, the quality of the product shouldnt go unnoticed. Juliette makes great lemonade! Its zingy and sweet and oh-so-refreshing. And everyone knows nothing sends a swig down better than knowing its all for a good cause.

You can look out for Juliette and her delicious CSJ leMoNaiD at local markets (see website for upcoming market stalls) or you can order online anytime from her website.


CSJ leMoNaiD

https://www.csjlemonaid.com|0413 911 658


Ramsgate Student Saves Lives with Lemonade
Juliette Jones is doing good with darn-good lemonade, selling a delicious drink to raise money for a great cause close to her heart.
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