Kids of the world, rejoice! While you may have forgotten that this Sunday is Mothers Day, we sure havent! So, if youve been caught unprepared this year (again) and are struggling to plan a successful day to make Mum feel special and not forgotten (again), then we have your back! So, take a deep breath, and you can thank us later.


Food is there anything better? Whether Mum is into a hearty steak, local seafood, or elegant European cuisine, make sure you choose your venue carefully before taking Mum out on her special day! Whether you go for lunch or dinner, always book ahead if possible. Perhaps she likes Italian food? Or a dish of chilli lime salmon? Short of asking her outright what her preference is, try and disseminate covertly what cuisine Mum prefers, and treat her to a surprise lunch or dinner to make her feel loved and appreciated.


Looking to spoil Mum with an unforgettable day? Why not take her on a tour of the local wineries and vineyards? Whether you spend your day driving her around tasting local wines, or you buy her a ticket for a winery tour, she is sure to thank you all the same. Wine, not her thing? Perhaps a drinks voucher for her favourite bar or caf. This is a great chance for her to finally commit to a girls night out on the town. After all the date nights she has no doubt cancelled to look after you young rascals growing up, this is sure to be a great option!


If youre looking for events to treat your Mum to this Mothers Day, theres bound to be a few great choices. If she loves the cinema, buy her a ticket to the newest release. Most cinemas will have a new chick flick ready for Mothers Day. Looking for something more elegant? Why not see what shows are on at your local theatre or convention centre! For a chance to dress up and go out in style, send your Mum off to the theatre for a show on her special day.

But the old classic

Awake nice and early, oh ill-prepared one! Run down to the store or your garden’s flower bed, and pick up an assortment of Mums favourite flowers (yes, daisies and dandelions do count, but only as an ABSOLUTE last resort). Pick up some of Mums favourite brekky from town. Perhaps shes a hearty lass with an appetite for bacon and eggs? Or a fitspo Mum that’s keen on bircher muesli with berries, yoghurt and green tea.

Dont have the time or resources to make it yourself? You can still treat Mum to an awesome brekky at her favourite caf! Whether she loves the ocean, the mountains, the bush, the riverside, or the bustling high street, youre sure to find a caf she likes not too far from home!

Last Minute Mothers Day Ideas
Been caught unprepared this year and are struggling to plan something lovely for Mother's Day? We've got a few ideas to make mom feel extra special.
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