Becoming a parent means sleep-deprivation, tonnes of tiny stray socks and far fewer options when it comes to eating out. Your pre-parent haunts are too cool to leave enough space between tables for high chairs, le
t alone allow for pram navigation. Carlton North parents, before you buy a bike lock to keep the pram chained up outside, check out our favourite kid-friendlycafes in your hood we think theyll make your whole family feel right at home.

Birdie Num Nums

Expect to see plenty of other parents at this Carlton North caf. Birdie NumNums is the saviour of parents who are sick of struggling their way through coffee dates at trendy cafes. Theres plenty of space for prams inside, but the courtyard is the real star of the show. Its brilliantly child-friendly with a built-in sandbox, heaps of room to play and a sun-smart covering over the whole area.

745 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054 |(03) 9380 1950

Natural Tucker Bakery

‘Melbournes oldest traditional sourdough bakery might sound a little too upper-crust for little ones, but Natural Tucker Bakery is delectably relaxed. They bake beautiful sourdough breads, cheesy scrolls, fruit buns, muffins, cookies and more. If your kid loves bread products as much as most kids, this place is an easy pick.

809 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054 |(03) 9380 4293

Green Park

Parents, if youre naming the place for a catch-up, make it Green Park! They raise the bar with a full-blown playground right beside the outdoor dining area. And you can keep them busy before or after a playground visit with books and toys from a well-stocked kids shelf in the dining room. As for the food, Green Parks simple kids menu is perfection.

815 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054 |(03) 9380 5499

Rhapsodys Caf

As a family-run business, Rhapsodys makes families feel warmly welcomed. Locals love their brekkie, which is straightforward but scrumptious. Grown-ups go for dishes like fruitcake French toast, spiced potato hash and saganaki with mushrooms; little ones pick from a selection of small meals that any kid would love.

793 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054 |(03) 9381 5573

Kid Friendly Cafes in Carlton North
Carlton North parents check out our favourite kid-friendly cafes in your hood we think theyll make your whole family feel right at home.
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