We talk to Coffee Scout co-founder Andrew Fantasia about the new coffee subscription service.

We’re all about the new, the weird and the wonderful arriving down under – especially when it involves coffee. So when we heard about coffee subscription service Coffee Scout, we had to know more.

We sat down with Coffee Scout Co-Founder Andrew Fantasia about how the company is making it’s mark in the Australian coffee scene and how it’s lending a hand to boutique roasters along the way.


What’s Coffee Scouts mission statement?

We help Australians independent specialty coffee roasters connect with Australian coffee lovers.

What makes it unique?

Its unique in the sense that it’s changing the way people access specialty coffee – by delivering it to them at home, straight from the roaster.

So whereas a coffee drinker will usually have to seek out specialty coffee at their local cafe – we deliver the full specialty coffee experience direct to their door. This includes the roasters story, the region that the coffee came from, the estate where the coffee came from, how it’s processed, and the tasting notes of the coffee.

What roasters will be included?

Our goal is to feature specialty roasters from all around Australia, and ideally change up the state every month.

For example, in October we are featuring a roaster from Adelaide called Monastery Coffee. We offer complete freedom for the roaster to talk about what they want and the option to use the box however they please to promote their coffee – Monastery are massive on ensuring that the farmers who they are sourcing their coffee from are compensated fairly, and they chose to use our service to discuss this side of their business as opposed to solely their story as roasters.

Australia as a whole has some of the best coffee roasters in the world – it isn’t just exclusive to Melbourne – we believe the whole country offers coffee that is a class above anywhere else in the world.

Do we get to choose our beans?

Subscribers can choose whether they would like espresso or filter beans as well as whole or ground. Everyone brews differently at home so we want to make sure that our drinkers are getting coffee that suits their methods.

Our service is about discovery, so we give our roasters the freedom to pick the type of coffee they want to feature in the box. This allows our subscribers to taste coffee from various regions with different tasting notes and enhances the whole experience.

When can we order our first box?

The first lot of subscriptions have already gone live and have already been filled – but we’re taking subscriptions for the November boxes!

Head on over to Coffee Scout to place your order today!


Introducing: Coffee Scout
When we heard about coffee subscription service Coffee Scout, we had to know more. In this piece we talk to Coffee Scout co-founder Andrew Fantasia.
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