Some say that burgers are a simple food. Its true that the beauty of a great burger is how effortless it seems, but theyre actually not that easy to master. Hawthorns Humburger, however they soar above the ho-hum burgers of this world with their sensationally sloppy specimens.

Burgers are usually considered an American food. And they are a fairly American food that is, if you do them like the Americans do. Humburger acknowledges the burgers roots while respectfully declining to adhere to typical burger toppings. They bring a global influence to their creations, calling in flavours from different parts of the world to make their menu stand out. And with toppings like potato rosti and chicken parfait, these burgers dont stand a chance of going unnoticed.


Humburger keeps its menu small, but when its time for the team to develop a new burger, they dont mess around. They put heaps of time into testing with lots of trial and error until their fledgling burger meets Humburgers two criteria: it must taste awesome and it must not taste like anything else.

Eating a Humburger is fun. The team agreed that, Its definitely messy hand food. Its actually that sloppy, juiciness that makes it incredible. With the help of the Humburger team, allow us to walk you through the experience of eating a Humburger.


The bun is a definite point of difference. They use a beautiful brioche bun from Noisette, one of Melbournes most renowned and long-standing bakeries. Brioche is buttery and a little bit sweet with a soft and pillowy structure that hugs the burger and its toppings.

As for the burger patty, they do that differently, too. Instead of the usual beef mince, Humburger uses a roughly chopped Angus beef. By roughly chopping instead of mincing, the patty retains a bit of the marbling in the beef and the marbled fat is where the big flavour comes from.


But lets be honest, most human beings arent going to eat a beef patty and a bun without some fixings. Humburger shines when it comes to sauces and creative topping combinations, which makes their menu stand out. The Hum and the New Yorker are their most popular burgers, but plenty of Frenchies, Saigons, New Yorks and Tokyos fly off the grill.

But what about those days you want a burger topped with cheese whizz, pineapple and egg? Humburger can make your most shameful burger dreams happen with their DIY menu featuring 16 different toppings.


To go with your burger, join the Hawthorn masses that have gone berserk for Humburgers disco fries. Locals love this dish, which can only be described as a pile of fries sinfully smothered with BBQ sauce and cheese sauce. Their soft serve shakes also go down a treat, so dont be shy about throwing a salted caramel or malted vanilla milkshake into the mix.

Takeaway is a big part of Humburger but the shop is a comfy place to hang out, too. For speedy eating, you can perch on a stool in the front. If you plan on hanging, grab a table in the back courtyard. Its fully covered, decked out with fairy lights and set up with big picnic tables. Bigger groups can grab Humburgers back room which can seat up to 12 and offers a bit of privacy. Theyve hosted a few functions in the back room, so thats something to keep in mind for your next little shindig.


The Humburger team loves keeping their hood well-fed. Theyre already flipping a lot of burgers, but theyd love to make a little room on that sizzling grill just for you.


791 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122 |(03) 9818 3881

Tues – Sun 11:30am – 9:30pm | Mon CLOSED


The Almeaty Humburger
The burgers on the menu at Humburger must meet two criteria: they must taste awesome and must not taste like anything else.
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