It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.Youve woken up with the previous evenings antics hanging nay, crushing over your head. If feeding is your go-to cure, were here to help guide you to the best hangover food in Thornbury.


Kustom Burgers

Burgers are the favourite hangover-taming tucker of many. After getting a big, juicy burger and a pile of fries into your gob, you might be able to act like something that resembles a human being. Some experts say that people crave greasy food when theyre hungover because fat is the most energy-dense food; that might explain the intimate burger dream you had before you woke up with a raging hang-o.

861 High St, Thornbury 3071 |(03) 9484 9316


Moors Head

Pizza-devouring is another popular pastime of hangover sufferers. But you dont have to lower your standards just because youre feeling awful. Moors Head makes incredible pizza seriously, we cant get enough of it. And best of all, they make em big, hearty and packed with Middle Eastern flavours. Hit this place up when youre ready to move on to the food mission segment of your hangover.

2/774 High St, Thornbury 3071 |(03) 9484 0173


Larry Davids

Hungover friends, imagine sinking your teeth into a glossy 5&Dime bagel filled with pepper-spiced haloumi, avocado salsa and sour cream. Could anything be closer to heaven? Larry Davids does a snappy selection of bagel sandwiches, made to order and made very well. Their coffee is also on-point, so grab one of those if caffeine will help your current situation.

461 St Georges Rd, Thornbury 3071 |0407 832 691


The Old Milk Bar

Sometimes a classic brekkie is all you need to turn a hangover around. The Old Milk Bar does a brilliant brunch (because lets be honest, youre not getting up with the brekkie birds) with tasty dishes like egg and bacon sliders, omelettes, Dr Martys Crumpets, Eggs Benedict or the mighty T.O.M.B Breakfast. They do everything really well which is reassuring when youre suffering from indecision, a common hangover symptom.

144 Dundas St, Thornbury 3071 |(03) 9043 6227
Feature image credit to Moor’s Head

Hungover in Thornbury, Send Help
Hungrover in Thornbury, send help! If feeding is your go-to cure, were here to help guide you to the best hangover food in Thornbury.
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