Talking to Dion Epstein about renewable energy is like talking to Molly Meldrum about music – the man knows everything. As a partner and the MD of G-Store, a business all about creating energy efficient and green homes, Dion is so powered up about renewables you could be forgiven for thinking he was fitted with his very own solar panel. But it turns out hes not alone in his enthusiasm. As he says himself, It is madness right now – people are really getting on board and solar is going off!

Dion has been at the helm of G-Store since 2007, when he launched the store as a one stop shop for homeowners wanting to green up. Over the years he has watched with growing excitement as the trend for renewable and solar energy has hit the mainstream hard. Most people see the logic of solar and renewables now. He says. Certainly the environmental issues are central to a lot of peoples decision to go solar, but it is now making a lot of economic sense to them, too.

Dion says consumers are keen to take energy production into their own hands. People fear that energy prices are a runaway train – the costs of staying connected to coal-fired electricity just keeps going up and up and there is no feeling of control. Solar power and energy efficient homes hand that power quite literally back.

And there is excitement, too, over the increasingly sophisticated options available for storing and sharing the energy solar can produce. Dion points to advancements in battery technology, panel efficiency and power sharing apps as signs the sun is coming up for solar.

But Dion points out that there is still a lot of confusion in the community over how the average homeowner can get in on solar. Consumers want to know how much solar is going to cost upfront and how quickly they will see a return on that investment. With government rebates, changing policies and a few cowboy operators, there is a sense that there is a lot of unknowns. But thats where G-Store comes in.

For those bamboozled by renewable energy and going solar, Dion and the G-Store team have made sure they are excellent hand-holders. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are across every inch of the process. Using energy consumption data and satellite imagery of your roof, G-Store are able to assess your energy needs, determine the positioning of your solar panels and hook you up to their own internal monitoring system for ongoing energy usage evaluations.

On top of that Dion is keen to let customers know that he has never and will never own a cowboy hat. This industry has had some shonky operators who dont care for quality. At G-Store we use reputable brands, guarantee our work and plan on sticking around for decades to come. Were here for the bright green future!


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