Got a meeting with your cats agent? Need a spot to discuss the most exciting Instagram account takeover in history? Whatever business youre in, these Coburg cafes are the hoods best for getting together on a business matter.

Glass Den

15 Urquhart St, Coburg

Getting shiz done is easy at Glass Den. Its bright, open and spacious with plenty of big tables to cover with your notebooks and devices. They have free wifi, great coffee and if you like to snack while you make million-dollar merger deals or whatever, their menu is known throughout the north for its one-of-a-kind Asian fusion dishes.

Wild Timor Coffee

282 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Work with a side of social conscience, anyone? Wild Timor Coffee produces their own beautiful coffee beans, purchased directly from independent farmers of Timor Leste. The vibe at this Sydney Road spot is very relaxed, so you might feel out of place in a suit, but its a great choice for casual work catch-ups over coffee.


138 Nicholson St, Coburg

Be careful this cute, colourful and cheery caf might put you in such a good mood that you agree to a catastrophically bad business deal that runs your lifes work into the ground. Retro diner meets art deco in this brilliant little dining room, which also showcases the works of local artists. There arent a lot of tables, so its safest to plan meetings for off-peak times.

The Boot Factory

19 Pentridge Blvd, Coburg

Set in the thick of the bluestone buildings of the former Pentridge Prison, The Boot Factory is becoming a favourite for all sorts of folks. Council employees from the nearby Town Hall head there for work lunches, mum groups get together for coffee and theres usually a ballet dancer or two from the Melbourne City Ballet space next door. You can set up shop at a table or casually dominate your industry from a cosy couch.

The Elizabeth Caf

130 Elizabeth St, Coburg

Surrounded by residential streets, this caf gets pretty busy on the weekends. But thats okay because weekends are for the opposite of business! The Elizabeth is simple and straightforward, but they do good coffee and tasty food that you dont have to put a whole lot of thought into ordering which is great because its super embarrassing when you mispronounce obscure menu items in front of business associates.

Get to Business in Coburg
Whatever business youre in, these Coburg cafes are the suburb's best spots for getting together on any type of business meeting or matter.
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