You know those things you eat that arent full meals? Those are snacks.

Coburg is a little bit secretive about its snacks, so weve made it our mission to help you find the best between-meal bites in the burg.

Haloumi pie from Al Alamy

51 Waterfield St, Coburg |(03) 9355 8866

Got a couple gold coins in your pocket? If you do, lucky you, because you can afford the best haloumi pie around! Al Alamy specialises in Middle Eastern sweets and snacks, all made in-house and piled high on the front counter. Everyone and their mum loves this place, so they get busy and sell out of some snacks. If theyve sold all their haloumi pies, dont cry about it order something else! You cant go wrong.

Soft pretzel from Andres Coffee House

421 Sydney Rd, Coburg | (61)421 491 437

Baskets of dark, rustic-looking bread sit near Andres front window, luring carboholics in from Sydney Road. But one of those baskets is far more exciting than the others because its the pretzel basket! Sourced from a local bakery, these scrumptious soft pretzels are great by themselves or heaven with mustard from your emergency mustard stash. Pop in and pick one out!

Muffin from The Boot Factory

19 Pentridge Blvd, Coburg |(03) 9354 4369

We dont know how they make these muffins so good and frankly we dont want to know. Because crack is illegal and plausible deniability. But really, The Boot Factorys muffins are heaven moist and fluffy in the middle, crunchy on top and just the right size. They do a different flavour every day, with taste profiles like banana and Nutella, lemon ricotta and pear with salted caramel making appearances.

Croissant from Little Deer Tracks

44 O’Hea St, Coburg |(03) 9354 3449

In Coburg, the croissant-per-capita count is very low. In other words, there arent enough croissants! But there are some and the best sit on the front counter at Little Deer Tracks. Theyre flaky and buttery with perfect pull-apart layers if youre a croissant connoisseur (croinnoisseur, anyone?), youll be very happy with these.

Avocado and feta bagel from True North

2A Munro St, Coburg |(03) 9917 2262

Look, there are two camps when it comes to bagels. Theres a camp that considers them a full meal and a camp that would call them a snack. But these bagels arent very big, so the former should be able to cross over on this one. Youll be in snacking heaven with the creamy avocado, cubes of marinated feta and a squeeze of lemon on a 5&Dime bagel.



Get Snacking in Coburg
Coburg is a little bit secretive about its snacks, so weve made it our mission to help you find the best between-meal bites in the burg.
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