For hand-crafted, pastel-coloured, geometrically-unique ceramic jewellery, there’s one Melbourne designer you can’t go past.


When it comes to foreign oriental-inspired jewellery, very few of us have the time or resources to scout the streets of Japan to find it. Well, fret no more, because Japanese artist Yumi Ando is a total boss at making Japanese-inspired ceramic jewellery creating a fusion between the Japanese pastel ceramics and modern Australian designs. With an ever-expanding range, Yumi’s creations are completely decorated and assembled by hand to create a unique and individual piece of stunning jewellery.


The People

All hand-crafted, Yumi clearly values the natural and earthy influence throughout her product ranges. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, industrial forms and her native background, Yumi’s minimalist design preference is the perfect counterweight to a jewellery market often flooded with over-complicated blingy factory products. Crafting delicate ceramic jewellery in Melbourne since 2009, the Japanese-inspired pastel colours featured throughout her range includes indigo blue, uguisu green and sakura pink, and have become somewhat of her signature.


The Process

Utilising a variety of materials including earthenware, porcelain and raku (traditional Japanese pottery), Yumi specialises in incredible hoop-style earrings with a ceramic base and either metallic or pastel colours. With a decorative range of simple yet elegant designs, Yumi embraces the fusion between Aussie and Japanese fashions, creating a funky product line you won’t find in jewellers. With geometry playing an equally important role in the product conceptualisation process as colour and material, the earring design range includes semi circles, disc hoops, marble balls, hexagonal studs, half-octagon hoops, and even an Easter inspired range! Now expanding her range into interior accessories, pendant lights, and floor lamps, if you haven’t already seen Yumi’s designs, you’re going to want to! With a huge list of stockists in every Australian state and territory, online and even in Italy, the spread of Yumi’s designs is a credit to her creative flare.


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Fusion of Japanese and Aussie Fashion Finds a Wide Audience
Japanese artist Yumi Ando of And O Design is a total boss at making Japanese-inspired ceramic jewelry with natural inspiration and earthy influence
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