Float your troubles away!

Some people find it easy to relax. They can simply ‘switch off’ and separate themselves from the issues of the day. They’re normally the sorts of people who can shut their eyes and fall asleep within seconds. For others the very idea of relaxing is stressful and their brains are whipped into a frenzy of fear at the thought of having to peace out. We’re definitely in the latter category. We’re the sometimes insomniacs whose brains will offer up anything from home renovation ideas to alternate realities (like being a pro tennis players) to keep us from getting a good night’s rest. So, when a friend of ours ‘floated’ recently and said it was the most relaxing thing they’d ever done, we were all ears. And after trying it, we have to agree. Read on to find out more about this super salty therapy and see if you should try it for yourself!


What is floating?

It’s pretty simple; floating is merely the act of slipping into a floatation pod filled with warm salty water, lying back and thinking of nothing. You don’t even have to know how to swim because the concentration of salt is so high you simply can’t sink! It’s total sensory deprivation in the pod, so nothing can bother you.


What are the benefits?

So we mentioned that it was really relaxing, right? Well, apart from that, floating promotes better blood flow, as there’s absolutely no pressure on any part of your body. Studies have also shown that experienced ‘floaters’ demonstrate higher concentration levels, too. Some floaters also report having vivid dreams while bobbing around, while others feel a burst of creativity. It’s also just incredible to be alone with your own body and really feel it.


Are you sure I’ll like it?

Well, if you’re claustrophobic, perhaps a floatation pod is going to make you more tense than relaxed. And if you happen to have razor burn, your skin is going to sting like crazy; in which case, stay away until that clears up! But otherwise, yes, floating takes relaxation to a level you simply can’t achieve at home.


Where to try it!

Liquid Room

191 Bay Road, Sandringham, 3191 | 9598 9313

Liquid Room is a gorgeous facility with floatation pods, yoga and massage on site. You’ll feel soothed as soon as you step through the door of this gorgeous bayside relaxation hub!

Beyond Rest

29 Regent Street, Prahran 3181 | 9521 4963

The curved walls of Beyond Rest really set the scene here, where everything is designed to put you at your ease.

Gravity Floatation Centre

559 High Street, Northcote 3070 | 8394 6690

1227 High Street, Armadale 3143 | 8525 0162

With a mission to ‘inspire the evolution of health and human potential through profound wellness experiences,’ the Gravity Floatation Centre takes hydrotherapy pretty seriously. They even offer cryotherapy for those who want to chill out – literally!

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