Is it worth heading to the Peninsula for a loaf of bread? It depends which bread, but if its Flinders Sourdough were talking about, you should definitely plan a daytrip.

Flinders Sourdough founders Dave and Margaret do bread the old school way. They scoured the Victorian countryside in search of a working scotch oven and finally found their dream oven at an old bakery in Flinders. The oven was built in 1890 and it was in relatively good shape, but the duo still had to spend eight months rejuvenating the place back to working-bakery standard.

In October 2011, Flinders Sourdough opened its doors. Peninsula locals, visitors and bread tourists instantly loved their artisanal sourdough, which is made slowly and deliberately. Dave and Margaret dont take shortcuts and as a result, their work days can be anywhere from 16 to 21 hours long. They do everything themselves, from baking to selling to cleaning, which makes it even more amazing that they stick to the time-consuming traditional baking methods.

That is, until youve tried their bread. Flinders Sourdough loaves are beautiful. Their carefully cultivated sourdough starter shines through with delicious flavour and the unique effects of the scotch oven show themselves in the form of texture.

Scotch ovens are built right into the wall, constructed with tonnes of bricks. The bricks retain then release heat, producing a strong, steady and, most importantly, even heat throughout the oven. The result is a loaf with a perfectly spongy interior and an incredibly crusty shell. Sometimes sourdoughs can be a bit tough, but Flinders Sourdough is a dream to bite into.

To get some of Flinders gorgeous bread into your gob, head to their bakery in beautiful Flinders or keep an eye on their social pages to see what Melbourne markets theyll be peddling at soon.


Flinders Sourdough

58 Cook Street, Flinders VIC 3929 |0459 160 023

Open Fri – Sun 9am – 4pm | Mon – Thurs CLOSED|


Service Type
Provider Name
Flinders Sourdough,
58 Cook Street,Flinders,Victoria (VIC) -3929,
Telephone No.0459 160 023
Flinders VIC
Is it worth heading to the Peninsula for a loaf of bread? Yup! For Flinders Sourdough, you should definitely plan a day trip.


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