Its hard to go wrong with cake but you can go right with it. In the case of Flavour Station Cakes, you can go really, really right.

Flavour Station is the all-natural cake bakery based in Braeside. Husband and wife team James and Lori Hand use real ingredients and no nasties to bake the most beautiful cake loaves youll ever see.

When they decide to hero an ingredient in one of their cakes, they dont hold back. Their mandarin cake packs a surprising punch of real mandarin flavour with every bite. The chocolate beetroot cake is a gorgeous dark brown tinged with crimson and the combination of the two is mysteriously delicious. Their sticky date and walnut cake tastes like date with a side of cake because they dont skimp on the crucial component.

Taste is a matter of utmost importance when it comes to cake but treats have to look pretty, too. Flavour Station Cakes bake all their cakes in loaf tins they do a regular size loaf and a teeny-tiny mini loaf and both are adorable. It makes it easy to serve sweet little slices to guests then wrap up the rest for short-term storage in the refrigerator or long-term in the freezer.

Flavour Station Cakes pop up at farmers markets all around Melbourne and if youre lucky, youll spot their delectable cakes at your local gourmet food shop. Their website is under development, but keep an eye on their Facebook for market appearances and feel free to shoot them a message for more info about getting your hands on a few cakes for your next get-together.


Flavour Station Cakes |0400 885 752 |

We Dont Want No Fake Cakes
We Dont Want No Fake Cakes
Flavour Station is the all-natural cake bakery based in Braeside using real ingredients to bake the most beautiful cake loaves youll ever see.
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